Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 13th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Vedika and Sagar’s Confrontation Intensifies

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Vedika asks Kamal for insight into her relationship, prompting him to suggest that she consider it a challenge before leaving. Later, Koyal calls Vedika to inquire about any updates. Unfortunately, Vedika shares that she could not meet due to orders from their boss and expresses her disappointment. In response, Koyal proposes an idea to uplift her spirits. Excitedly, Vedika asks how she can join in, to which Koyal replies that she will send the location. Sipping her tea, Koyal explains how one simple thing can bring positivity and refreshment even during difficult times.

The tailor is called Arjun Thakur, and Koyal asks Vedika what the tailor’s name is. Vedika asks Koyal how she knows it all, and Koyal replies that she was in jail for a long time, so Vedika is stunned; Koyal says she met many people through her events, and Koyal explains how they can get him back on track. Vedika replies that she won’t bribe anyone, so Koyal tells Vedika a plan. Vedika says she likes it, and Koyal replies that the result will be hers.

An unfortunate accident occurred as Vedika and Koyal were riding on the scooter. Vedika was taken aback when she saw Sagar, but her anger turned towards Koyal. She exclaimed why anyone would drive so recklessly on such a cramped lane. Then, Vedika questioned Sagar’s stare, to which he responded by accusing her of being a thief. In turn, Vedika threatened to press stalking charges. However, Sagar explained that he mistook Vedika for the thief who had stolen his wallet, which was filled with valuable currency. This statement was met with disbelief from Vedika and Koyal, who claimed that they did not have much money in their possession.

Sagar inquires about the length of time that Vedika has known her. She responds that they first met at the Mandir. Although Sagar points out that it has only been four days, he still defends Vedika as she holds a special place in his heart. Vedika acknowledges this and mentions that their bond is similar to that of sisters. This reminds Sagar of Yamini and Jhanvi, prompting Koyal to pick up a rock. However, Vedika intervenes, stating that Koyal already owes eight thousand rupees. To clear any misunderstandings, Sagar clarifies that he is not following her but simply carrying out his job duties. Curious if he was referring to her, Koyal asks for clarification. Sagar responds by offering her a position as a security officer.

When Sagar says he wants Vedika to work for his firm, Vedika replies that this might be a new plan for Sagar and his father. However, he asks her to stop, saying enough is enough. Sagar tells Vedika that his father threw her out of the house, but he came to cause the accident when he went to the door of his car. Sagar pushes her against the car and says she must never compare him to his father when she compares him to his father, angering her.

Sagar says he’s offered her a job, and she can refuse it, apply for any legal case, but never compare him to his father. She agrees so he pushes her away when Koyal helps her, Sagar gives the visiting card and Vedika takes it, Koyal asks her to come as they need to follow the plan.

While driving, Sagar’s thoughts drift to the moment when Vedika compares him to his father. He remembers sitting with his mother and refusing to attend boarding school but ultimately giving in after seeing his father with another woman. Suphedra has always seen potential in Sagar and believes he will grow to be like his father. However, Sagar vehemently denies this and insists he is nothing like Digvijay Maheshwari.

Rajeshwari tells Digvijay that his mother called him and asked him to find out what happened to the girl and how long it would take. Rajeshwari says if they sit like this, the girl will bring Dayal out of jail, ending them both. Digvijay says Kamal has been talking with the jailer, so there is no need to worry.

Rajeshwari says that if Sagar pursued her like he did, she might get his help. Digvijay tries to convince her, but Rajeshwari says that if Vedika finds out the truth, what might happen as she sees her hatred for the Maheshwari family in her eyes? Rajeshwari tells him to handle it.

Vedika inquires of Koyal if she is familiar with their task at hand. Koyal affirms her knowledge and informs the officer of her boss’s needs while simultaneously setting cash on the table. She requests some tea before Vedika cautions her, but unfortunately, the jailer responds angrily, accusing Koyal of attempting to bribe him. In a panic, Koyal hastily returns the money to the bag but unintentionally drops one of the packs. Reflecting on his previous kindness, Koyal wonders about Thakur Ji’s sudden change in behavior. Meanwhile, Vedika realizes she must assess the situation.

The jailer would see Vedika with her if she came with her, so Koyal signals Vedika not to come while pretending to be on the phone. He signals Vedika, who runs out and exclaims he is an honest officer. Koyal says she does not feel he would agree to it and then places the phone in the bag. The officer hands the file to Koyal, who says he is an honest officer and turns to leave, but the officer says it would take ten more.

As Koyal hands him the money and begins counting, Vedika films everything and texts Koyal, who gets up and enters the corner. As Koyal shows the video of the boss taking the money, the officer threatens to keep her from going and asks what she desires when Koyal says that he has spoken about something interesting now.

After Koyal says she has been granted permission to meet Dayal Ji in jail, Vedika is stunned. She hugs Koyal and thanks her. She then sits down and says, “I feel like I have a connection with you as well,” which is why Sudha Kaki came to Vedika and then came to Vedika. When Vedika says she wants to celebrate, she gives Koyal a bracelet from her wrist, saying it’s for her protector, and Koyal even gives Vedika a bracelet.

Koyal and Vedika both take selfies when Koyal says she wants to tag her. Mauri looks at them both from a corner, thinking Koyal has lost her mind since she has raised her since childhood. But Koyal forgets her, and that is her golden hen running away, so she worries. The photo of Jhanvi and Yamini makes Saraswathi wonder where they have gone.


When Saraswathi sees the law firm’s name, Sagar says it means Saraswathi, Suphedra, and Sagar. Rajeshwari is shocked to see Saraswathi performing the pooja with Koyal and Vedika at the law firm.

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