Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 17th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Sagar Stays in India, Vedika Joins Law Firm

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Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 17th June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

Komal’s wife tells Rajeshwari that Sagar canceled his London ticket and decided to stay in India. Digvijay is very happy. She says he is not here. He went to do a Puja at the firm and opened a new law firm. Rajeshwari tells Digvijay that Sagar decided to stay in India. That’s a good decision. But we should find out who changed his mind. Vedika and Koyal went to the law firm.

Saraswati feels their presence. Vedika tells Koyal that today is an essential day in her life. She needs her presence. Saraswati hugged them happily. Sagar was surprised to see them as well. Saraswati told him that she needed them in the temple. They saved her from falling. Sagar says they’re troublemakers, and he mentions them to her.

She says they are good girls. He may have misunderstood them. Vedika says she has seen their good side, but he still hasn’t. Saraswati asks them to join them. She asks her what she is doing here. Sagar introduces her as his Chachi. Subhadra introduces her to him. Koyal asks Vedika if she will work with him. She says that she must. She tells him she will join his firm. He says it’s a good decision.

A disagreement occurs between Koyal and Sagar. He makes fun of her and says he won’t even offer Koyal a job as a security guard. Vedika asks him to stop arguing. She asks him about her salary. She mentions an amount and says that she needs this amount, and she doesn’t need anymore or less than that amount. She shows him the accounts.

In her words, Saraswati worries about everyone else but not herself. Subhadra asks them to attend the puja. Saraswati calls Rajeshwari, but she disconnects the call in anger. She thinks that she is showing her attitude. She’s glad she hasn’t found her daughters. When Rajeshwari arrives, she notices Koyal and Vedika sitting with Saraswati.

She convinces herself that they are unknown girls. Rajeshwari meets Sagar, who is grateful to be staying in India. Digvijay says he had thought he would take over the company. Sagar describes himself as a lawyer. He opened his law firm. He won’t fit into his company. Rajeshwari praised the company name.

When Digvijay saw Vedika there, he asked her what she was doing. Sagar introduced her as his employee as if she were playing a new game with his son. Sagar gave Vedika her appointment letter. Rajeshwari pretends to congratulate her, but Digvijay dislikes it. She is acting like Saraswati, and she shares it with Subhadra. Rajeshwari hears it and thinks to watch her closely.

Later, Vedika updates her parents about her new job at a law firm. Amid this, the police take Sharma into custody for not returning Vinoth’s money. Despite Vedika’s efforts to reason with them, the police accuse her of defending Sharma because she just started working at the firm. They insist on arresting him without a warrant. Curious about how they found out, Vedika discovers that Digvijay is responsible. She attempts to persuade Vinoth but is physically restrained by the police. Fortunately, Sagar steps in just in time to intervene.

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