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Mahendra and Gunwanti pose as working women and discuss their plot to eliminate Meet and Manmeet inside the Ahlawat Mansion. Sumeet accidentally knocks over a vase while eavesdropping on their conversation and quickly conceals herself, realizing the need to inform Meet. Mahendra becomes aware of someone overhearing them but forgets his disguise and speaks in his regular voice. This alarms the servants, but Gunwanti successfully diffuses the situation. They come across Jasoda, who questions their presence and directs them to assist the other ladies in the kitchen. Sumeet unintentionally gets locked in the room and frantically pounds on the door, but her cries go unheard due to loud music.

Sumeet tries to get Jasoda’s attention, but she mistakes it for the wind and walks away. Sumeet sighs and remains in the room. Meanwhile, Manmeet performs a lively dance at their sangeet ceremony, and Meet happily joins in with applause and dancing. Sumeet struggles to reach the window hinge and resorts to standing on a sofa. When that doesn’t work, she improvises by placing another vessel in between. Meet turns to Raj and asks about Sumeet’s whereabouts. Gunwanti informs Mahendra that Meet may be asking about Sumeet since she is nowhere to be found. Mahendra begins to worry that Sumeet may have overheard their conversation.

Sumeet successfully opens the window and leaps out. She sprints to the function, catching Manmeet’s attention who invites her to join. Just then, the lights go out and Mahendra takes action that renders Sumeet unconscious. She mentions Gunwanti and Mahendra to Meet and Manmeet, gesturing towards them. However, before Meet can approach them, Sarkar suddenly falls from his chair. Meet requests Jasoda to hand over Sumeet to her, but Jasoda suggests letting Sumeet rest with Sarkar in the room due to potential fatigue.

When Meet spots Mahendra in men’s shoes, he immediately asks Gunwanti about them. She fibs and says they belong to some workers helping in the kitchen. But as Meet continues to watch their odd movements, he unexpectedly shoves a waiter towards Mahendra. This causes Mahendra to cry out in his regular voice, which startles everyone. Hoshiyar and Masoom are both taken aback and perplexed by the strange turn of events. Meet then dramatically unveils Gunwanti and Mahendra’s true identities, leaving all the guests and family members in shock. Soon enough, rumors begin to spread amongst the crowd. In anger, Mahendra declares that he has been pushed too far by Meet and will now seek revenge all at once.

Mahendra pulls out a knife, intent on attacking Meet, until Manmeet jumps in and stops him by grabbing his hand. Manmeet firmly states that their relationship has been pushed to the limit. However, Mahendra insists that they are nothing but enemies, prompting Manmeet to retaliate with physical force. As the fight continues, Meet pleads for them to end the violence and orders Mahendra and Gunwanti to leave immediately.


Sumeet shouts for help as Gunwanti holds him captive. Meanwhile, Mahendra points a gun at Sarkar. Meet grabs a gun and demands Sarkar leave Sarkar alone. In front of Meet, Sarkar points at her, saying Mahendra and Gunwanti followed his instructions. He pleads with Meet not to reveal this to Manmeet, since it would ruin their friendship.

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