Kumkum Bhagya 21st February 2024 Written Episode: Poorvi’s Struggles

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Upon returning home, Harman sees the party happening. He asks Harleen who she is, and she says it’s Harleen. Harman then says this is my house and asks why the party is being held. Vikrant and Chacha arrive at the party. Everyone asks her why she is throwing the party. Chachi says they have completed one work that was pending. Deepika says RV has achieved revenge, so they have kept the party. Chachi says Khushi’s destruction will be less today.

Harleen says my son will be out of the trauma now. She praises Monisha for being lovely and handling everything, although she has suffered greatly. RV comes there. Monisha goes to him and hugs him. He asks about the party. Monisha says it is for you, me, and everyone. She says we all deserve this. She says we should have been happy you left Poorvi, or perhaps Poorvi is just in your mind. Prachi says Poorvi hasn’t spoken since she arrived.

Manpreet is currently alone in the room. Khushi suggests giving her some alone time. Prachi expresses her concern and believes that Manpreet will eventually share with them. She reassures Manpreet that she can confide in her. Poorvi interrupts and asks if they would like some tea. Manpreet invites Prachi to sit down. Vishaka prompts Poorvi to reveal what happened. Ashok says that their mother sensed something was wrong, and they all share the same feeling, encouraging Poorvi to speak up. Manpreet urges Poorvi to open up, reminding her that this is her home. Prachi reminds Poorvi that they are family and encourages her to share any problems she may be facing.

According to Divya, any mistakes can be resolved by the family. Ashok assures the family that they will do everything to fix things. Manpreet suggests talking to Prachi about the situation. Poorvi remembers RV’s words about his issues with Monisha. Vishaka expresses their support. Poorvi explains that she and RV disagreed, so he didn’t attend. Manpreet asks for more details, while Vishaka clarifies that they were concerned about their behaviour on the first day. Poorvi reveals they had conflicting clothing choices, resulting in an argument and her asking him not to come. Vishaka adds that this was their only concern, and now there is nothing to worry about. Diya reminds her to check on Maasi, who is also worried. Vishaka confirms that there is no longer a need for worry.

Upon entering the room, Poorvi mulls over the words of both RV and Monisha. She is overwhelmed with emotion and begins to cry. Suddenly, Khushi joins her and implores her to be honest. Poorvi struggles conveying her true feelings to everyone and hesitates to disclose that she wishes not to return home. Khushi, inquiring about the cause of her distress, prompts Poorvi to open up. Eventually, Poorvi reveals that although initially happy about being with RV – someone who is kind and genuine – and making her mother happy by receiving the same love she has experienced at home, his family’s behaviour differs greatly from their facade. Reflecting on their treatment towards her, she confides in Khushi that they are not as pleasant as they seem. Curious if they have mistreated Poorvi, Khushi asks for clarification.

Poorvi expresses her regret, feeling as though she didn’t belong there. She struggles to break the news to her mother, who is so joyful. Prachi arrives, and Poorvi immediately cuts off her conversation with Khushi. Prachi observes that Poorvi seemed to mention something earlier, but her tears suggest otherwise. Poorvi hesitates, stating that if she discloses it, then… Interrupting her, Prachi insists that she must tell her regardless and reassures her that she’ll figure it out eventually. Poorvi reveals that she does not want to be in that situation and wants to stay by Prachi’s side instead; she misses everyone tremendously. Prachi comforts her by assuring her that neither of them is going anywhere and implores her to share if something else bothers her. Discreetly nodding no, Poorvi confirms Khushi’s previous statement. Prachi offers Poorvi some tea before leaving them alone once again.

Khushi informs Poorvi about something concerning RV while Prachi enters the kitchen. Manpreet notices her stressed demeanour and inquires about the reason behind it. Prachi reveals that there is a matter at hand. Vishaka then expresses that Poorvi is a sensitive person with a delicate heart and tends to get upset over small things. However, Prachi argues that RV is an understanding and mature guy who should have shown up. Vishaka states that men are prone to having big egos, which can overshadow their knowledge. She adds that they can be unpredictable at times but believes if there were an issue, Poorvi would have mentioned it. She urges them to think positively. Prachi remains worried despite this reassurance, while Vishaka reminds her to practice what she preaches and not unnecessarily worry about others.


Poorvi tells Khushi she doesn’t want to go back. Monisha asks RV to call Khushi and show her how happy he is with her.

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