Kumkum Bhagya 30th March 2023 Written Update

Dida tells Badi Dadi that her wish has been fulfilled and that Rhea will be their bahu. Everyone claps. Akshay congratulates Ranbir. Badi Dadi congratulates Rhea. Dida asks Prachi why you are worried. Prachi says no. Dadi says it seems you are in tension. Prachi says no. Dida says you didn’t wish your younger sister. Prachi congrats Rhea and Ranbir.

As Akshay tells Ranbir, they have become business and life as they found love on the same day. He tells him that jokes aside, he won’t want anyone to ruin his special day. Ranbir asks what you mean, Prachi hasn’t agreed yet, and she isn’t yours. Akshay ignores his words and asks Vikram to congratulate Ranbir.

Pallavi says whatever Mummy ji and you have done is not right. She goes angry. Vikram cautiously congratulates them. Badi Dadi asks Pallavi to congratulate Rhea. Angry Pallavi congrats Rhea. Ranbir says he didn’t know that Akshay would propose to Prachi and Dida would announce Rhea and my marriage. Akshay calls Ashok and asks him to come to the party. Prachi goes from there.

She goes to the bathroom and cries. She washes her face and then applies compact and makeup again. She receives a call from Shahana. Priya tells Ranbir that she saw Akshay try to propose Prachi, but was unable to. Ranbir asks why she didn’t tell him. Priya replies, ‘I thought you both were friends’.

Priya says I already have a boyfriend. Vikram says what would have happened if Priya had told you. Ranbir says I shouldn’t have been his friend. Does Aryan say so much confusion happened? Rhea asks Ranbir for sweets, and he asks her to eat. Akshay comes to Vikram and hugs him. Vikram asks him for sweets. He says Dad is coming.

Pallavi asks Dida what you were doing outside. She says guests were congratulating you, but you were mourning as if the mountain had broken. Dida says you will tell me something bad and you will feel bad your whole life. Pallavi says I am very upset, and you did what you wanted me to do?

I will fulfil the responsibility as the eldest of the house until I am here, Dida says. Pallavi says you cannot even realize what a big mistake you have made. When Prachi and Ranbir see each other, Ranbir says Prachi. He stops her on the way. Prachi asks what? Ranbir says I want to congratulate you on Akshay and your love story.

Prachi gets teary-eyed and upset. She asks what about Dida’s announcement in front of everyone. Ranbir asks what about Akshay’s proposal in front of everyone? When Prachi says I didn’t know about it, Ranbir asks what? If you didn’t know what he feels for you or that he loves you. He asks how he looks at you. Prachi replies I knew what he thought of me.

While bending down on his knees, Ranbir asks you what you didn’t know then. That he will propose to you today. Prachi says I didn’t know you and Rhea were engaged. As she says, we met a lot, but you didn’t tell me once, but….Ranbir asks, but what? Prachi says nothing and turns to leave. Ranbir says Akshay proposed to you and your love story started with him, and you are not mentioning him. He says very well. She says nothing and leaves. Ranbir is upset.

Ashok arrives at the party, and Akshay says he has proposed to Prachi, and she didn’t say no. He says there was no question of rejection since she was just seeing me. Then we danced romantically. Ashok is happy. Akshay says my heart rate has increased and I am happy. Ashok asks why you made me leave? Akshay says he missed him. As I proposed to her in front of everyone, he says I felt as if she was angry with me.

Ashok says he will handle everything from here. He says I won your mother and you have won Prachi. They congratulate each other. Dida asks if it’s wrong to think about Ranbir’s happiness. Pallavi says you would have asked him where his happiness lies. After I talked to him, we were not going to make a decision, but you announced the marriage. She says everyone was shocked as soon as you made the announcement.

According to Badi Dadi, Rhea was very happy. Dida tells Rhea that she promised her that Ranbir would marry her. Pallavi says I didn’t promise Rhea, but I took a promise from Ranbir that he would marry Rhea. Badi Dadi asks what? Pallavi says, Prachi.

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