Pandya Store 14th July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 14th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shesh says sorry, don’t tell mumma. She says that stealing is bad. He vows not to do it again. She asks about Natasha. He says she went to meet Chiku on the highway. They worry. Chiku meets Natasha. He runs and hugs her. He says you said you were sick. He says I’m a good actor, I’ve got to do this. Raavi and Shiva go looking for Mittu. Shesh calls out to Mittu. Shesh calls out to Mittu.

It’s better not to call family, otherwise I’ll get taunted. Natasha asks Chiku to come home. Chiku says no, why did you call me? She wants to unite the family. Shweta returns home. She doesn’t see Chiku. Rishita asks the inspector to find her children. He says you’ve already come to file your missing report, so look for them first and then come. Dev and Rishita leave. Shweta calls Dhara and informs her that Chiku is missing.

Dhara says don’t worry, he went to meet Chutki, we’re also going there, so come along.

I told you we’d call Gautam and Dhara, Dev says. Dev calls Dev. He asks where you are, don’t worry, Shesh is with us. Mittu begins to cry. Mittu says he’s here. Dhara asks what happened. Suman hugs Mittu. Dev asks how he got here. Rishita asks if Chutki is there. Gautam says no, she went to meet Chiku, we too will go there, Shesh told us, kids don’t know division.

Our team will be here soon, Dev says. Mittu tells me everyone at school bullies me, they beat me and torn my clothes, so I came to bring Shesh and Chiku. I told my parents, but they started fighting, so I came here. Mittu eats food. Dhara says we will get the kids. A man sees the kids and goes to see what they are doing. They think he is going to catch them, so they run. Gautam says you did good. Mittu sits down to eat food. Dhara says we will get them.

Shiva calls Sumant and asks Shiva if you will handle your family the same way as Mittu and Shesh. She ends call. Prerna says I feel suffocated here. Krish says I can’t bring home the feel here. The hotel isn’t good, she says. He says it’s good, you’re missing homemade food, let’s go to Dhara.

Shish says don’t worry, I’ll handle everyone at art school, Mittu. Shiva and Raavi come. They scold Mittu. Suman scolds them. Raavi says sorry. Shiva asks where is Dhara. Suman says kids ran to meet each other, Dhara got Chiku and Natasha on the highway. Raavi says we’ll go get them.

Dhara contacts Dev and Shiva, requesting a meeting at the highway. The young ones dash off, while Shweta searches for them. Krish and Prerna arrive at Suman’s place, where she blesses them. Krish mentions that Prerna wasn’t enjoying the food at the hotel, so he brought her to Dhara’s house as she makes great khichdi. However, Suman informs them that Dhara is not home as she went to the highway to retrieve the kids who ran off to meet each other. Krish offers to go get them and Prerna insists on accompanying him. Concerned for her well-being, Suman advises Prerna to stay back while she makes khichdi for her. Overcome with emotion, Prerna tearfully embraces Suman as Krish departs from the house.

Alarmed individuals search for the children while a man chases after them, pleading for them to halt. The elderly retrieve the children’s personal items. In their haste, the kids pelt stones at the man, causing him injury. He urges them to cease their actions and threatens to capture evidence of their behavior and report it to the authorities, in hopes of guiding them back to their household. Dhara inquires about the commotion and he responds by pointing out the culprits responsible for his bloody wound. Apologetically, she reveals that she is their mother. The man shares that they have disappeared into the nearby forest, and this causes her great concern.


Our family unites and finds the kids. Gautam says Hardik invited us to his wedding. Dhara says I’m sure our family will reunite forever.


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