Agnisakshi 5th April 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 5th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

At midnight, Jeevika’s family calls her. As Satvik is sleeping, Jeevika goes out to speak with them. The family wishes Jeevika a happy birthday. Jeevika thanks them. Swara asks Jeevika what Satvik did for her first birthday after their wedding. As she hangs the phone, Jeevika tells them that Satvik planned a surprise birthday party for her.

Satvik is awake when Jeevika returns to her room. As Jeevika is about to say her family had called her because it’s her birthday, Satvik stops her. He reminds Jeevika that their wedding is a compromise, and that, hereafter, they should stop having any expectations of each other. He asks her to go to sleep.

After Jeevika wakes up the next morning, the Bhosles are surprised to wish her on her birthday. Satvik realizes that Jeevika wanted to tell him about her birthday and feels guilty. Shlok teases Satvik, saying he doesn’t seem to know about Jeevika’s birthday. Rajnandhini defends Satvik and believes that Satvik may have planned a surprise for her.

Despite her absence, Pallavi is annoyed that the family is talking about Jeevika. Sukanya and Manohar decide to visit Jeevika at Bhosle’s house. Pallavi stops them by telling them that visiting Jeevika’s in-laws frequently wouldn’t look nice. Pallavi agrees with Sukanya. She’s relieved that Jeevika’s family dropped their plan to visit her. She’s worried about her lie coming out if the family goes there.

Satvik tries to talk to Jeevika, but Aadiya and Shlok interrupt them. Shlok asks Satvik what he gave Jeevika on her birthday. Narayan asks Satvik if he forgot Jeevika’s birthday due to his work. Rajnandhini understands Jeevika’s lie to Narayan that Satvik surprised her with a candlelight dinner last night and gave her many gifts.

Rajnandhini presents Jeevika with a car for her birthday and hands her the key. She mentions that Jeevika can use the car to visit her parents from now on. Grateful, Jeevika expresses her thanks but also admits that she doesn’t know how to drive. Rajnandhini jokingly remarks about Jeevika’s middle-class background preventing her from affording a car or driving lessons. She also reveals that she has hired a driver. Aadiya playfully asks if Rajnandhini means Satvik. Narayan commends Rajnandhini for such a generous gift, and she invites Jeevika to take a seat in the car. As Jeevika does so, Satvik watches from a distance.

As Narayan visits Satvik, he praises Jeevika. He explains to Satvik that Jeevika cared about Rao and his family despite their anger at him. He compares Jeevika to Savitri, who believed in forgiving rather than punishing. Rajnandhini complains about Jeevika’s car gift. Rajnandhini boasts about becoming Jeevika’s friend and becoming great in the eyes of others by gifting Jeevika a car.

Jeevika and Satvik are surprised by Narayan when he gifts them a honeymoon trip to Switzerland for Jeevika’s birthday. To avoid going on the honeymoon, Satvik uses the excuse of office work. Rajnandhini assures him that this honeymoon trip was Rajnandhini’s idea. Narayan insists that Satvik and Jeevika will travel to Switzerland.

Shlok and Aadiya discuss Satvik. Shlok wonders if Satvik is really happy with Jeevika. Ruhi interrupts and says Satvik cannot be happy with Jeevika because they are not a good match. Aadiya is surprised when she adds that they are perfect for each other. When Ruhi walks away, Aadiya asks Shlok about it. Shlok says that he is not responsible for Ruhi’s misconception. Aadiya asks Shlok to clear Ruhi’s misconceptions before it’s too late.

It is not possible for Satvik to go on a honeymoon with Jeevika due to the amount of work in the office. Rajnandhini manipulates Satvik and convinces him to go with Jeevika to honor Narayan. In the absence of Satvik, Rajnandhini says she will crack the deal that will destroy the Bhosles. On the other hand, Prateep is shocked when he finds the picture of Satvik and Supriya.

Jeevika asks Satvik about his decision regarding their honeymoon. Satvik says they will go just to take a break. Jeevika says he agreed as Narayan forced her. Satvik says if they hadn’t met because of Jeevika’s accident, they wouldn’t have gotten married. Jeevika adds that they wouldn’t have divorced either. Satvik says happy birthday to Jeevika as she walks away.

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