Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 8th August 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 8th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nisha defaming Aradhana. Pooja scolds Nisha. Aradhana cries. Nisha says we have all seen her videos on television. Police arrive. Nisha says Aradhana is the same girl, her video was viral on television yesterday. Vikram and Pooja defend her. The people insult her. She thinks Reyansh ruined me. Inspector asks Nisha to come to the police station if she wants to file a case. She says no, it’s fine. Inspector asks Vikram not to follow anyone.

Vikram inquires about Aradhana’s whereabouts while she walks along the road. Reyansh arrives in his car and she eagerly says, “You’re here, let’s escape to a secluded place where we can be together. You can’t function without me either.” Unfortunately, this is just a daydream as reality sets in when Reyansh gets scolded for hitting a car. In the commotion, Aradhana gets hit by another car and Reyansh jumps into action to defend her against the angry men. As Aradhana turns to face him, she becomes lightheaded and a kind lady asks if she is okay. Just as Reyansh is about to join them, she stops him and they both communicate their feelings silently. He envisions her once more before Aradhana hears the commotion and the lady offers to drive her home.

The police come and stop Reyansh. Aradhana leaves. Jagruti calls her and says I have to meet you. Kaka asks Reyansh to have food. Reyansh refuses. Kadambari says he won’t be able to eat today. She says I was looking for you, I went to your room after a long time. Despite arguing with her, Reyansh says she is his mum, you are a part of him. Despite his assertions, she didn’t do anything wrong, so do not blame her. She counsels him. He lies on her lap.

He expresses his inability to bear the pain, questioning why she betrayed him. She insists that there may be a misunderstanding. He accuses her of taking her side simply because of her gender, denying leaking the video. She reveals that he displayed the video at work and falsely accused her of harassment, an unjust action as love does not seek punishment. He clarifies that he did not punish her. Jagruti offers apologies, informing him of his mother’s passing. Aradhana wonders why she is upset over a mother who abandoned her. Malini is seen with her daughters. Harsh suggests that she must regret not having a son. Malini corrects him, saying she is content even without one as daughter are equally cherished in their family.

Vikram apprehends Mayank and, inquiring about his identity, is met with the response that he had been expecting Aradhana’s lover. However, when asked if he was waiting in line, Vikram reveals himself to be someone far more formidable – Amitabh Bachchan. With confidence, he has Mayank arrested for blackmailing Aradhana and taking her pictures. As Mayank demands proof, Vikram presents Revati as his evidence. The inspector is instructed by Vikram to record Mayank’s statement first. Meanwhile, Kaka offers juice to Reyansh who hears Dubey and rushes out to confront him. Reyansh argues with Kadambari and accuses Dubey of causing a major problem. However, Dubey claims to have many media connections and suggests that Reyansh leaked the video. Refusing to take the blame, Reyansh insists that it was actually Dubey who did it. Kadambari scolds Dubey for his actions and urges him to go admit his mistakes at the office.


Reyansh meets Aradhana after Mayank gives Aradhana’s statement in her favor. Bhakti says she can’t become your mother, but she will hand you over to your mother.

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