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Barsatein 22nd August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode opens with Aradhana coming across Reyansh and reminiscing their disagreement. He introduces himself as Vikram, and upon Viren’s request, they exchange handshakes. Impressed by his impressive background as the former VP of Nationtrue channel, Viren expresses his hope that he can help elevate the company. As Viren leaves, Reyansh questions if she is afraid of him. Instead of answering, Aradhana announces her decision not to take on the job. In response, Reyansh welcomes her to the team but she stands firm in her refusal, suggesting she would rather relocate and change her name than work with him. She continues to argue her stance.

He confirms, “I know you came here to find your mum.” She questions, “How do you know?” He responds confidently, “As a journalist, I can uncover anything.” She declares in frustration, “I hate you.” He pauses, recalling Vivek’s plea to locate Aradhana. Vikram interrupts and suggests, “You can ask me instead, bro. Her parents disowned her and revealed that she is not their biological daughter. Her whole life was a lie; they had adopted her.” Reyansh realizes his mistake and wonders aloud, “What have I done?” Vivek intervenes firmly, “Enough, go to her. She feels abandoned and needs your support. Be her shield.” Reyansh doubts his chances of forgiveness and confesses, “She will never want to see my face or forgive me.” Both Vikram and Vivek offer words of encouragement until the flashback ends. Aradhana ponders on why he has come back when she resents him so much.

Her dupatta is held by Reyansh. She says she will reveal her truth to everyone, you want me to be exposed. He says no. She says Viren knows about her, he knows I’m adopted. He asks where she got your mother. She says that’s none of your business. He says I won’t lose you easily, you can’t harm me. He says I can try. She scolds him. She leaves.

In the bakery, Aradhana arrives. Beena asks why you are crying, tears have no value, and what happened. Aradhana says he has come here for revenge and to trouble me. Beena says you are worried. She asks her to stop crying. Reyansh sees Aradhana’s picture. He thinks I don’t want your forgiveness, I’ll stay with you. He gets back to work. Aradhana comes. He says you are late. He asks her to meet her new colleagues. Sunaina and Vikram are contacted. Aradhana is surprised.

In response to her question, Vikram says he is Ankush. Sunaina says she is Sunaina. Aradhana says oh, you are only Sunaina. Reyansh says we will have a new story soon. They get into an argument. Aradhana asks Vikram and Sunaina whether they came with Reyansh’s idea. According to Vikram, he made a big mistake, we explained it to him, and he has realized it. She says he thinks I am with Mayank, and I can’t wait for him to change, he was toxic, and he will be for a long time.

Aradhana says we are stuck because of friendships. She says Vikram is here for Reyansh, who won’t change, and has decided to ruin his life. I lost my family, my job, all my friends. Reyansh asks her to maintain professionalism. She asks what is your problem, why don’t you leave me alone. He says I can’t leave you alone. She leaves. Sunaina says this isn’t right.

In response to Vikram’s question, Reyansh leaves. Sunaina asks what’s going on. Vikram says we came here for you. She says you came here to win or trouble her. Reyansh says she hates me, so let her be. Vikram says she’s going to run away if you treat her this way, I’m not your friend here, I’m your boss. He leaves. Vikram asks what kind of person he is. Aradhana says I’ve got an uplifting story about 20 women running their own businesses, it’s important. The argument goes on. Viren arrives and asks if everything is alright.

Reyansh suggests that we let her go, as I am unable to work with her. Aradhana proceeds to inform Viren about the success of the women’s startup. Viren agrees, stating that it would make a great print story if it doesn’t fit for digital. Reyansh acknowledges this and adds that as the owner of the company, the story should also be featured on TV. Viren then shares that he has some happy news – his daughter is getting married, and Malini has organized a small puja at the temple. He invites all of them to meet his family. Aradhana accepts and Viren takes his leave. As they watch him go, Vikram and Sunaina comment on Reyansh’s romantic nature. Just then, Viren joins Aradhana.

He says you can join my department if you want. Aradhana says no, he’s my boss, no one can force me to leave. Reyansh says Aradhana’s story will come out, she’ll win. Sunaina says you want to lose and make her win, you’re mad, you’re gone. Malini has baked a sugar-free cake, and Aradhana says she got someone to share it. Aradhana says I’m sure I’ll be there.

Aradhana, Reyansh, and Malini’s daughters are on the way. Komal jokes on her sister. Reyansh says I like how you think, but your focus is lacking, you are beautiful. Aradhana looks at Reyansh.


It is Aradhana who sees Reyansh being shot as Komal hugs her. Viren says Aradhana is adopted. Aradhana hugs Komal.

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