Anupama 8th August 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 8th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nakul asks Malti Devi to increase Samar and Dimpy’s salaries. Nakul says it’s not even a month since they joined. Malti Devi says she wants to lure them with increments, bonuses, and gifts to make them feel pampered. Malti Devi is a great artist who fell from eyes; although her talent is larger, her heart is very small; she turned a mother’s love into a crime and when she couldn’t harm Anupama, she targeted her children instead.

The boy she is making a pawn for, his mother is simple, but his father is very complex; Malti Devi asks him why he came here. Vanraj says he came here so she would get some sense; Anupama considers her conspiracy anger, but he sees it as conspiracy. He warns her that if she attempts to set fire in his family, he will burn her name, identity, and gurukul; she shouldn’t hurt Anupama too much or else he will destroy her lanka.

Anuj asks Barkha and Ankush to stop fighting in the morning. Guru Maa asks how dare Anupama to send her ex-husband to threaten her when she didn’t accept her apology, and she promises to answer both her and her ex-husband in a appropriate manner. Anuj asks why Vanraj went to Malti Devi. Anupama says no one will listen, so she will do whatever it takes. Samar asks Vanraj why he visited Malti Devi. In response, Vanraj said he would destroy Malti Devi.

Dimpy declares that he will destroy them instead. Vanraj warns Samar to silence his wife, as they have had enough. Anupama arrives with Anuj and expresses her disappointment, questioning Vanraj’s reasoning behind threatening Malti Devi and causing more chaos when they are already in a troublesome situation. Samar backs up her statement. Anupama suggests that they all go and enjoy the new car’s air conditioning, or else they can continue to stay there and endure her scolding. Dimpy inquires about the reason for this, while Leela explains that if Dimpy continues to speak out against her mother-in-law, she may face consequences.

Vanraj has made it clear that he will not tolerate any trouble from Malti Devi towards his family. However, Anupama believes that his threats are only making the situation worse. According to Vanraj, everything is already ruined – Samar and Dimpy are now on Malti Devi’s side, causing conflict between the brothers, and their daughter-in-law’s behavior has become disrespectful. Leela adds that Samar and Dimpy have become loyal to Malti Devi and get defensive whenever anyone mentions her. Anupama reminds them to be mindful of their loyalty towards Malti Devi without betraying their own family. Samar tries to speak up, but Dimpy insists that Anupama should listen to them first.

Anupama claims she received an earful from her, and if her children had behaved poorly like she did, Anupama would have given them a good slap. As a daughter-in-law, she has a responsibility to uphold her dignity. Admittedly, Malti Devi has lost her way, but she still holds the position of Guru Maa in Anupama’s eyes. Leela questions this, to which Hasmukh brings up the fact that Anupama has put up with Leela’s irrational behavior, so why not with Guru Maa? However, Anupama clarifies that although she can’t retaliate when someone attacks her, she will handle the situation on her own terms and avoid getting involved. She then retreats to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for everyone.

When Kavya walks up to Anupama, she says she has tried to talk to V, but he isn’t ready. Kavya says no, she has not forgiven the Shah family if they have hurt her. She even tried to leave the house but was stopped by V; she does not want to leave the house, but cannot endure V’s hatred. In her advice to her, Anupama says she should wait until Mr Shah calms down and keep trying till then, just like she is trying to gain Guru Maa’s forgiveness. Kavya says she does not wish to lose V. Anupama knows.

Kavya inquires about how to handle Malti Devi, to which Anupama responds that she has been putting up with Malti Devi’s attempts to harm her children, but if Guru Maa goes too far, she will lose Anupama’s respect. Dimpy pays a visit to Malti Devi, who boasts about how no one has dared to threaten her in 35 years, but Vanraj did so today. In response, Dimpy expresses her exhaustion with the constant drama from her in-laws and proceeds to criticize Anupama by revealing that Maaya died while trying to save her, but the incident was hidden from the police and Choti Anu.

When Romil bumps into Pakhi, he apologizes to Pakhi. Adhik stops Pakhi from falling and gets upset with Romil. Their fight starts. Pakhi calls Barkha and Ankush, who stop the fight. Ankush warns Adhik not to bully his son. Romil rudely frees his hand from Ankush and walks away. Barkha says that she also didn’t watch while walking and it was her mistake too. Adhik supported her, but she supports Romil.

The Malti Devi visits Choti Anu to tell him that Maaya died because of Anupama. Anupama arrives on time and sends Choti Anu in. She apologizes God for misbehaving with her guru and tongue lashing Malti Devi that a student can tolerate guru’s wrongdoing, but a mother can never tolerate it.


Malti Devi is warned by Anupama not to watch her children or else she will forget all her limits.


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