Kumkum Bhagya 1st November 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1st November 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode starts with Akshay telling Prachi that Ranbir and you are the real parents of Khushi, and I will complete other formalities until her marriage is completed. Prachi says I don’t know how to thank you. Akshay tells her that he got his friend back and will never let this friendship end. Prachi thanks him holding his hand. Akshay asks if she is happy, then make him coffee. Prachi says yes and calls Sangeeta. Akshay sits down and says Bua ji, I’m damn tired.

During his visit to Kohli’s house, Pandit ji informs him that he has seen Ranbir’s kundali, and that the next four days will be hard for him. Dida asks what the solution is? Pandit ji advises them to be alert and take precaution, as the next four days are very critical for him. Ranbir thanks him for coming there and alerting them. Pandit ji leaves. When they are with Ranbir, nothing can happen to him, and he tells them to prepare themselves for the journey to the Tandon house.

He asks where Mihika is? Vishaka says it is good that she is not here, she is not like you and cannot pretend, and everyone will feel her anger.

The Kohli family comes to Tandon house. The Tandons welcome them. Akshay asks if everything is fine? Ranbir says yes, why do you want to know? Akshay asks if Prachi is missing. Ranbir says yes. Akshay apologizes to everyone for leaving the puja midway. Akshay apologizes to them for claiming rights on her, who does not belong to him. He apologizes. Dida says we will make a new start. Akshay thanks Dida and asks if I may refer to you as Dida. Dida says yes, I am your Dida.

Palavi says we will start afresh. Ashok asks Manpreet to bring Prachi for rasam. Vikram thanks Ashok and says Prachi has been away from us for so long, you have taken care of her like a daughter and given her love and happiness that we were unable to give her. Ashok says Prachi is my daughter, and it is a blessing from God that I can love her. Vishaka believes he does not care about his own daughter, and so she should not speak out.

Prachi comes there with Manpreet. Pallavi hugs her happily, then Dida hugs her. Pallavi does Prachi’s aarti and makes her have sweets. She gives her shagun, telling Prachi what it means. Prachi smiles. Pallavi says you are now our house bahu. She gets up and touches her feet. Pallavi blesses her. Prachi touches Dida’s feet. Dida hugs Prachi, then touches Manpreet’s feet. Vikram blesses her.

She then hugs Ashok and takes his blessing. She then takes Vishaka’s blessing. Dida tells Prachi and Ranbir will be marrying for the first time, with all the rituals. Akshay says we have to do Ranbir’s rasam as well. Manpreet performs Ranbir’s aarti and then makes him sweets. Akshay says you’re getting Prachi, Ashok says everyone will have sweets. Vishaka agrees.

Akshay is having sweets. Ranbir says it’s too sweet and asks why you’re acting sweet. Akshay smiles, gives him a sweet and leaves.

Khushi reassures Mihika that her wish to be taken away from here will not come true. Lovingly, Mihika reminds Khushi that she will always be there for her and promises to take her to a faraway place. Wiping her tears, Mihika expresses her love for Khushi and how much she will miss her if she leaves. However, Khushi comforts her by saying their house is not too far and she will always be there for her. She encourages Mihika to be happy about their parents’ marriage and tells her that if she’s not around, then Mihika should learn to wipe her own tears. Playfully, Mihika asks Khushi to go out and tell everyone that she doesn’t want their parents to get married and instead wants their father to marry her (Mihika). In return, she promises to give Khushi beautiful clothes and bangles. Confused, Khushi contemplates what Mihika is saying.

Ranbir enters the kitchen and playfully prompts Prachi to guess his reason for being there. She suggests that he may be in need of tea. Ranbir reveals that his true intention is to spend some private time with her, thanks to a special permit he has obtained. Prachi playfully urges him to leave, but Ranbir persists, complimenting her on an ornament she is supposedly wearing. Confused, she denies wearing any ornaments. Ranbir points out her blushing appearance and refers to it as a “shy ornament.” Feeling flustered, Prachi insists he leave before she does. However, Ranbir continues and confesses about a dream where she was about to kiss him.

She says Akshay has done something I could never have imagined, and says he has given me 100 percent custody. Ranbir says Akshay is doing this to impress you. Prachi says you can’t deny Akshay is a good friend and asks Ranbir to thank Akshay. Khushi is our daughter and she wants to stay with us, and she calls me super papa when I save her. Prachi asks if you’re jealous. Akshay smiles when he hears their argument.

Vishaka retrieves him from the situation while Prachi encourages him to disregard it if he wishes, commending Akshay for always supporting her and Khushi. Vishaka shares with Akshay that Prachi was speaking highly of him, acknowledging his goodness. Akshay recalls how Prachi defended him during her argument with Ranbir. Vishaka chuckles and confirms this, to which Akshay confesses feeling similarly jealous when Ranbir entered his life. He warns that jealousy can destroy relationships, pointing out Ranbir’s current jealousy and how it will ultimately destroy everything.

He says this is happening due to my conspiracy.and thanks her for her support. Vishaka says I regard you as my first son and says I will make Prachi yours no matter what. In order to get and win Prachi, Akshay asks Vishaka to watch how her son will win. Vishaka agrees and Akshay smiles. Ashok, Manpreet, Pallavi and Vikram pose for the picture.

As Ranbir searches for Akshay, Dida asks who is that good guy? He replies Akshay. Dida says you’re jealous. Ranbir says no. Pallavi asks why you’re burning. Vikram says she means upset. Ranbir says it’s not like that. He says Prachi said something good about Akshay, which upset him. Pallavi says he has Prachi now, and he has the right to control her.

He says that Prachi is also lucky to have it. She brings tea and gives it to Ashok, Vikram and others. She tells Manpreet that she gave tea to Bua ji and says she will be coming with Mihika. Manpreet says she wasn’t here. Pallavi says Mihika wasn’t able to get what she wanted. Manpreet says she’ll get it eventually.

When Prachi comes to Ranbir and gives him tea, she asks what happened? Ranbir replies that everything is fine, but why don’t you understand? Prachi responds that Akshay is a good person and knows they are good friends. Ranbir asks when he misunderstood that you both love each other?

We used to be called husbands and wives…Ranbir says Akshay thought he would make you fall in love, but I came in between. Prachi apologizes. She says she will leave. Ranbir stops her and sips tea, says it is sugar less. Prachi tastes it and says it is good. Ranbir drinks and asks her to show.


During the marriage mahurat, Ranbir tells everyone that Pandit ji told him that it would take place tomorrow. Mihika asks Akshay how he will feel if Prachi becomes pregnant again with Ranbir’s child. Akshay asks Khushi to promise him that she will love him more than Ranbir, and Khushi does. Akshay watches.


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