Jhanak 13th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Anirudh’s Recovery Brings Family Tensions

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In the episode, Choton expresses his frustration by attributing to Jhanak that the turn of events was her doing and that if she had not interfered, the doctors would have given up hope. Jhanak reminds him that Arshi is set to become Anirudh’s wife. However, he points out that she also cares for Anirudh and urges her to eat, but expresses his concern about how she will return home. She responds by stating that she won’t be returning home. He reassures her that once Anirudh recovers, he can convince the family to listen to him and wishes they valued his opinion more. She praises him for being a good person, and he urges her to come with him without any worries.

Anirudh is responding, Arshi says. Everyone is fine. Arshi says I didn’t touch the flower because they wouldn’t allow it. Lal says Arshi’s puja worked, and it’s a miracle. Tanuja asks if you are telling the truth. Arshi says yes. Shrishti praises him. Arshi is the Laxmi of our house. Tanuja says she won’t leave us. Shubh says you saved Anirudh’s life. They see Jhanak with a smile.

Bablu expresses his regret to Arshi, and Vinayak reassures him that apologizing is unnecessary. Bipasha suggests they begin the preparations for the wedding, while Lal agrees and adds that Anirudh should be informed, as he owes his life to Arshi. Jhanak chimes in, mentioning how Arshi’s sincere prayers contributed to Anirudh’s recovery. Choton interrupts, pointing out that although Arshi didn’t physically touch the flower during her prayer, Anirudh’s condition improved, and he knows the truth. Arshi pleads with him not to reveal this information to anyone, not even Anirudh, for the sake of their future together. She urges him to leave before anyone becomes upset with him. In response, Choton stands his ground and proclaims that he has not sold his integrity, and although he may have a modest income, he is not afraid to speak the truth. As he exits, Anirudh reflects on Jhanak’s words while Arshi remains optimistic about his recovery. Shrishti reminds everyone that it is getting late and they must return home soon, but Arshi wants to wait for an update from the doctor first. In

The nurse speculates that the patient may be taking his wife’s name, which his family did not receive well. The doctor reports that he is becoming more stable and advises informing his family. He then turns to Anirudh and inquires if he wants to see someone. Anirudh responds with a stern, “Jhanak, you cannot do this.” The nurse arrives and announces that Anirudh’s condition has improved, and one visitor can now stay with him. Arshi promptly volunteers to stay, followed by Choton and Bablu. However, Shubh reminds them to focus on their tasks while he takes care of Anirudh. Before leaving, the nurse reminds everyone to decide who will stay with Anirudh and provide her with an ID card for verification. Tanuja expresses her desire to visit him but is informed that she can do so tomorrow. Shubh inquires about the patient’s condition, to which the nurse responds confidently that he is indeed out of danger.

Shristik asks what about Jhanak. Choton says Jhanak needs to make arrangements on her own, she has to find somewhere, I will be busy with Anirudh. Shubh says our house doors are shut for her, and no one should help her. They all leave. Jhanak says something will work out. Choton said I was here; you just had to care for Anirudh; only one family member can stay there; I took this responsibility, you will keep it, and you need to make him feel better.

She asks Choton how she can wear nurse uniforms, but she can wear attendant uniforms. Choton says let her in. The nurse says she is the patient’s wife, so why… He says our family doesn’t accept their marriage. Jhanak says, but a relationship isn’t necessary. The nurse says we have to enroll. A nurse asks who Jhanak is. Choton says she is Jhanak. The nurse says Anirudh was taking her name. Choton tells the nurse that Jhanak is Jhanak.


She asks him to sleep. He says Jhanak insulted me a lot and I hate her. She weeps.

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