Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2023 Written Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Ranbir’s manager delivers the urgent news that Mr. Juneja wants their deal sealed within the hour. However, due to Ranbir’s health condition, his team advises him to rest. In an attempt to ensure the deal is closed, Akshay offers to go in Ranbir’s place, but the manager dismisses this idea. Prachi also expresses concern for Ranbir’s well-being, but he insists that he feels well enough to handle the task. Despite Prachi’s protests, Ranbir stands up to leave. As he starts walking out, she pleads with him not to go. Akshay and Mihika observe the tense exchange while Ranbir explains that it is crucial for him to attend or risk significant losses for their company. He leaves as Akshay discreetly informs his accomplices to prepare for their next move. Prachi clutches her mangalsutra nervously, worried about what lies ahead.

In the outside world, Ranbir and his manager meet. His manager says that he has been informed that his mother is ill and cannot travel with him. He tells him to take care of his mother and leaves alone in his car. The goons follow Ranbir’s car. The call doesn’t go through. Ranbir decides to call Mr. Juneja. The call doesn’t go through. Since his manager gave him a wrong number, he decides to meet him in his office.

The goon agrees to a video call with Akshay, who offers extra money.

In front of Ranbir’s car, a man faints. Ranbir gets out of the car to investigate the man. Another goon joins in. One of the goons attacks Ranbir. Ranbir fights with the goons and tries to run, but he falls down. One of the goons stabs him multiple times. Prachi feels something is wrong and runs, saying, “Leave him.” Akshay spots her and chases her down.

Prachi says she needs to save Ranbir. One side falls to the ground while Prachi faints. The goons leave. Ranbir desperately calls for help. A couple stops, but seeing Ranbir’s knife wound, they do not help and leave. When Mihika arrives, Ranbir is shocked to see him so badly hurt. She tells him to stay awake and takes him to the hospital.

Taking Ranbir’s name, Prachi wakes from sleep. Manpreet and Vishaka calm her down saying everything will be okay. They put her back to sleep. Prachi keeps taking Ranbir’s name saying he is not okay.

In response to Akshay’s disturbance, Abhay asks him what is wrong. Akshay responds, “How is that possible?”. Abhay asks what? Akshay replies, a heart-to-heart connection. Abhay says, “I don’t know what’s going on.” Akshay tells him, “You won’t be able to tell.” Even I will not be able to tell despite knowing everything. Abhay is confused. Akshay says, “I hired a goon to kill Ranbir.” Prachi felt Ranbir’s pain when they were beating Ranbir. How is that possible?

Their souls seem to be connected, Abhay says. Akshay says, I want that connection with Prachi. Prachi’s love for Ranbir is second to none. I am sure she can love me in the same way. According to Abhay, that is possible only one way. Ranbir must leave from Prachi’s heart. Akshay says, once Ranbir leaves the world, he will also leave from Prachi’s heart. Prachi will have my support eventually, but it will take time.

Akshay’s call doesn’t go through, so the goons decide to go to his house.

As Mihika cries, Ranbir survives. The doctor comes and says he is fine. The wounds weren’t too deep. He gives him medicine and says he can go home. Mihika hugged Ranbir in relief.

Divya inquires Vishaka about her sudden dedication towards taking care of Prachi. It almost seems as if she prefers Prachi over her own daughter. Vishaka responds by explaining that at the moment, Prachi holds a lot of influence in the household, so it’s important to treat her kindly and utilize her presence. As Vishaka tends to Prachi’s fever by placing a wet cloth on her forehead, Prachi requests to call Ranbir. However, Vishaka advises her not to overthink things. Divya can’t help but wonder what kind of spell Prachi has cast on everyone that they are all willing to put up with this behavior for another man without questioning it.

The men step out of the house and call out for Akshay. His father notices his phone ringing and informs him that Raghu is on the line. Akshay rushes over to answer, but in a fit of rage, he quickly cuts the call. This causes the goons to become agitated and they try calling again. Once his father leaves, Akshay finally answers the call. The goon demands to know why he hasn’t been picking up, threatening to enter the house if he doesn’t comply. Remaining calm, Akshay instructs them to stay outside while brandishing a knife, confident in his ability to handle such threats. Observing from afar, Akshay’s father watches as he heads out.


Prachi hears Akshay saying, “I’m your husband, let Ranbir die.” She shouts Akshay! You’re not my husband, she says. Outside the house, the goon tells Akshay that he murdered Ranbir. Akshay’s dad hears it and slaps him. At home, he tells her that Ranbir was murdered by a knife. Prachi tells Mihika she won’t let Ranbir marry her. In the next 24 hours, Ranbir will shop for his wedding clothes because he will marry me the day after tomorrow.

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