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The episode begins with Ranbir confronting Prachi, reminding her that she has married someone else now. He accuses her of using her marriage to distract him and prevent him from going to the orphanage so that she can keep their daughter away from him. Prachi asserts that her husband is now her priority and accuses Ranbir of betraying her. Ranbir denies betraying her and points out that she was the one who married someone else and was in a room with another man. Vishaka interrupts their conversation by calling Prachi. Prachi pleads with Ranbir not to say anything and asks him to leave, warning him not to ruin her new life. Ranbir questions her audacity in throwing him out, but Prachi forcefully pushes him out and demands that he never return to her house. He warns her not to challenge him, but she firmly asserts that she doesn’t want him in her house or her life, claiming ownership of the house as her own. Ranbir confidently declares that he will return to her house, and she will welcome him with love and respect. Prachi firmly shuts the door in his face.

Vishaka arrives and questions Prachi about the situation. She asks her to come with her and leads her away from there. Meanwhile, Ranbir makes a promise to himself that he will return and be welcomed by Prachi. Vishaka and Prachi enter the hall where Mihika, Divya, Neha, and others are present. Akshay compliments the kheer (rice pudding). Vishaka explains that Prachi tried to escape through the back door with the keys, but she caught her. Akshay dismisses it as insignificant, causing Abhay to ask if he truly loves Prachi. Akshay responds that Prachi is his life and then corrects himself, saying that kheer is life. Neha and Divya praise the taste of the kheer, while Ashok mentions having two bowls of it. Prachi recalls Ranbir’s words about being welcomed with love and respect and wonders if he will do something to fulfil his words. She inquires with Akshay if they can proceed to the orphanage at that moment. Vishaka questions the relationship between the bride and groom, to which Abhay suggests they discuss their honeymoon plans privately. Akshay politely reprimands Abhay, and Prachi receives a call from Meera. Meera asks her to come to the orphanage for the adoption of Khushi. She informs Prachi that Mr Tandon wants to adopt Khushi, but another person is also coming at 1 pm for the adoption. Prachi requests Meera not to show Khushi to anyone and states that she and her husband will be coming to the orphanage. She informs Akshay that they need to leave soon. Everyone inquires about Khushi, and Vishaka questions Prachi. Akshay discloses that they are planning to adopt Khushi, who happens to be Prachi’s daughter from her previous marriage. Vishaka and the others are shocked by this revelation. Vishaka suggests that they have their own child rather than adopting someone else’s. Prachi insists that Khushi is her own daughter and that she carried her in her womb for nine months. Akshay supports Prachi, expressing his pride in her and proclaiming that no one can be a better mother than her. Manpreet stands by Prachi, while Ashok remarks that if the husband and wife agree, who are they to refuse? Prachi and Akshay leave.

Meanwhile, Ranbir arrives and finds the police talking to Vikram. The police inquire about Ranbir’s whereabouts, as they were informed that he was missing. Ranbir assures them that he is fine and asks them to leave. Aaliya starts blaming Ranbir and asks where he had gone. She claims that Rhea has changed herself completely for him and questions his actions. Ranbir reminds everyone that he had already expressed his uncertainty about the marriage and emphasizes that he still loves Prachi. He questions why Rhea is upset now after asking him to leave when he had apologized to her. He asserts that he can’t handle her multiple personalities and questions Aaliya’s presence, suggesting that she shouldn’t be allowed to enter the house after ruining their lives. He walks away, leaving Aaliya speechless. Aaliya smiles and remarks about Ranbir’s audacity, noting that he left Rhea at the wedding mandap and is now blaming her. She criticizes the family for staying silent and accuses Ranbir of cursing her and Rhea, despite all that they have done for the family.

Ranbir packs Rhea’s belongings and confronts her, asking her to take her things and leave. Rhea expresses shock at being thrown out of the house. Ranbir calmly states that if she doesn’t leave, he will have to throw her out. Aaliya raises her voice, but Ranbir warns her not to speak or else she will witness a side of him she has never seen before. Rhea tells Ranbir that she loved him and his family dearly. Ranbir accuses her of orchestrating their marriage because she wanted to marry him and declares that they will never marry each other. He reveals that Aaliya had kidnapped Rhea the previous night to force him into marrying her. He demands that they both leave. Rhea claims that he can’t prove them wrong while trying to prove himself right. Ranbir insists that Rhea leaves his house, making it clear that it’s all about her. He takes a matchstick and burns Rhea’s clothes.

Pallavi, Vikram, and Dida express their concern and ask Ranbir what he’s doing. Rhea asks him not to vent his anger towards Prachi on her and emphasizes that Prachi was never his and never understood him or his family. She tells him that Prachi never loved him and that the truth will never change. Ranbir is shocked by Rhea’s words and goes to his room. Pallavi questions what has happened to him, while Dida suggests extinguishing the fire. As Vikram is about to pour water on the fire, Ranbir returns with Prachi’s sarees and throws them into the fire. Rhea smiles. Ranbir then looks at a photo of Prachi and declares that she is not his, so he will burn all the memories associated with her. He puts the photo into the fire and states that he will make Prachi see a new version of himself and ensure that she never forgets him. He sits and stares at Prachi’s burning photo, vowing to bring her the same pain she inflicted on him.


Dida asks Ranbir why he can’t stay in the same city as Prachi. Meera tells Prachi that they don’t trust her as a mother and refuse to give Khushi to her. Later, Ranbir sees Prachi and Akshay with Khushi, witnessing them smiling together.

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