Kumkum Bhagya 16th May 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Ranbir hugged Prachi to stop her from seeing Khushi in the episode. Prachi asked him to leave her. Ranbir said don’t leave me. They felt the hug. Ranbir then opened his eyes and told Khushi to leave. Prachi broke the hug. He said I felt something, but it’s over now. He says of course, I didn’t feel anything. Prachi says exactly, not even a bit. She asks why you are looking there. Ranbir says I don’t want to look at you.

There is someone there, and Ranbir says you are a girl, you can react, but don’t be scared, I am here. He says he can see ghosts even now. Prachi asks where? Seeing Khushi running, Ranbir tells her that he lied to distract Parvati. Khushi hides. Prachi tells Ranbir that there is no ghost here. She tries to open the door and says it won’t open. They argue. When Prachi tries to open the door, his eye gets a bit hurt. Prachi tries to see, but he asks her to stay away from him.

Taking water from Rhea, she gives it to Kohlis. Vikram says God shall give you strength, as you are lying to your real sister, and this is not easy for everyone to do. Pallavi apologizes to Rhea and says that the way Ranbir talks to you is wrong. I know that Ranbir says anything in anger, but he really doesn’t mean it, so don’t feel bad about it. Meera and Dadi come in with Shahana and Dadi.

Dadi tells us that we also think the same way. Pallavi says they are here for the orphanage. Meera says Khushi is missing. Vikram says Prachi and the warden are here. According to her, Pallavi wanted Khushi and told her that day outside the temple, despite not knowing Khushi was not Laali’s daughter. You all planned to kidnap her when you couldn’t get her.

Prachi blows on her pallu and keeps it on his eye. Ranbir tells Prachi that her pallu hit her eye. Pallavi asks Shahana how she can accuse them. Pallavi asks how she can accuse them. Dadi stops Shahana from telling them that Ranbir knows Khushi is his daughter.

We love her, Meera says, and asks them not to accuse each other. She says Khushi can be here or not. Pallavi says she isn’t here. Shahana wants Rhea to understand Prachi’s condition and tell her that Khushi’s here. Rhea says Shahana…I. Dida thinks about what Rhea said. An inspector visits their house. Vikram asks Inspector to bring search warrant and tells Prachi and warden are already searching in the house. Inspector shows the search warrant and goes inside.

Pallavi goes behind them and asks them to go and search in Prachi’s house, saying you will find Khushi there. Vikram says Pallavi. Pallavi asks what, they are searching my house and I am feeling bad. Inspector asks how you deal with her? Vikram says I will tell you later, when I have spare time.

Pallavi tells Vikram not to overact, and to trust her son. Prachi tries to open the door. Ranbir looks at Khushi. Prachi asks what he is looking at. Ranbir says he sees a ghost.

She is about to see Khushi, when Ranbir hears someone coming and shouts for help, saying they are stuck inside. When the inspector opens the door, he asks if Khushi is here. Ranbir says Prachi checked and she is not here. Prachi says Khushi is not here. Inspector says they will check outside. The inspector goes. Prachi follows him.

Vikram opens the door and sees Pallavi hugging Vikram. Prachi opens the door and sees Pallavi hugging Vikram. Ranbir says my parents start romancing anywhere, they don’t see the place, etc. Ranbir says Khushi will be found. Prachi goes from there. Ranbir hides Khushi for a little while.


His loved ones betrayed him too, and they left him with a wound that has not yet healed, and today those loved ones came to scratch his wounds. He is told that whoever kidnapped or took Khushi will not be good for him, so Prachi asks him to pray for her to be found.

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