Teri Meri Doriyaan 18th May 2023 Written Update


Written episode of Teri Meri Doriyaan 18th May 2023 on WorldofEntertainment.in

As she approaches her store room, she finds its door locked. She calls maid. Angad shuts her mouth behind her and drags her to his room. He says enough drama, she’s acting too perfect and making him look bad. She’ll stay there from now on. As she cannot stay in his room, Sahiba demands his room keys back. Sahiba warns him to stop his drama and return keys, as she is not used to being awake until late at night. Their nok jhok continues.

After warning Angad that she will break the lock then, Sahiba walks away. Angad fears she may really break the lock. The next morning, Veer dreams about Keerat and sings Tu Kyun Na Janaa Re… song. Angad searches for Sahiba in the house and finds him sleeping under a canopy in the garden. He thinks she is so stubborn.

While offering her keys, he finds her sound asleep. He thinks he will be blamed even if he sleeps outside and Angad sleeps on a chair beside her. Sahiba wakes up after some time and discovers Angad asleep. It’s Angad who asks why she’s staring at him. Sahiba asks what he’s doing here. His nok jhok starts again. Angad says she didn’t want to sleep in his room, so he slept on a chair beside her. Sahiba says he can sleep here. Because of mosquitoes, Angad feels irritated.

An annoying mosquito sits on Angad’s cheek. Sahiba slaps him, trying to shoo it away. Angad asks her to stop her drama and shift to his room. She refuses. He lies on the chair arguing with her. Manveer notices rashes all over Angad’s body and ask what’s wrong. Angad says these are mosquito bites from sleeping in the garden since Sahiba didn’t want to sleep in his room.

It is Manveer’s order to call Sahiba, apply the ointment to Angad, and scold Sahiba for her irrational behaviour. She does not wish to complain about her son because she is not ready to relocate to her son’s room. Manveer asks if she feels unsafe with her son. Sahiba apologizes, but she is not ready yet.

She takes Sahiba out and explains to her that even though she didn’t like Sahiba before, once she understood her, she saw her as her shadow because she also took care of others but never changed herself. She says even Sahiba should not change herself but should see Angad’s effort in accepting this relationship and should give their relationship a chance.

After she leaves, Angad asks Sahiba if she is still stubborn. He says a wife should adjust with her husband, but Sahiba says even her husband should adjust. Angad says she should keep her attitude to herself and keep her stuff in a corner. Sahiba says the corner is too small and what about her cupboard? Angad says he will not let that scrap into his room.

Sahiba says she will keep her clothes in his wardrobe then. Angad says she was living with bare minimum in her storeroom and now is demanding a wardrobe. Angad says let’s put an end to this drama for once.


The world knows her as Angad’s wife and Brar’s daughter-in-law, will Angad help her build her identity? What if she has to choose between her identity and Angad?

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