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The doctor treats Kiara and informs Jasleen that Kiara had an abortion due to stress. Jasleen eagerly asks when she can meet her daughter and bring her home. The doctor informs her that she can take Kiara home tomorrow. Jasleen goes to meet Kiara, while Angad tries to initiate a conversation with Sahiba about what happened. Sahiba avoids eye contact and says there’s nothing to discuss after everything that has transpired.

Angad urges her to at least look at him, and Sahiba responds that she looked at him when his family questioned her character. Angad apologizes for doubting her and asks why she didn’t inform him about the situation earlier. Sahiba expresses her frustration, asking if he would have forgiven her if she had questioned his character. Keerat calls Sahiba and asks if she is okay as they heard she was in the hospital. Sahiba assures her that she is fine and promises to talk later. Angad realizes his mistake in not trusting Sahiba.

Angad, Sahiba, and Jasleen take Kiara home. Akaal expresses his disappointment in Jasleen’s flawed upbringing and her children who brought humiliation to the family. Jasleen defends herself, stating that she didn’t want to bring Kiara home. Hansraj comments that he thought Jasleen wouldn’t return home after facing so much humiliation. Angad emphasizes the importance of standing by the family in times of distress, just as they stand together in moments of happiness.

Garry enters with Seerat and expresses his shame towards Kiara, stating that he doesn’t want to see her face. Jaspal confronts Garry, reminding him of his own past sins and urging him to feel ashamed first. Sahiba suggests that the family should help Kiara move forward and asks Jasleen to support her daughter during this difficult time. Jasleen dismisses Sahiba’s suggestion. Seerat embraces Kiara and offers her help, whispering that she is her daughter-in-law from Shimalpuri.

Akaal states that Jasleen should be grateful to Sahiba instead of criticizing her, and Japjyoth praises Sahiba for being the perfect daughter-in-law. Akaal argues that Sahiba wouldn’t have paid attention to Kiara if she were still working at the family’s shop and suggests Sahiba reflect on that. Manveer angrily blames Sahiba for not informing them directly and accuses her of trying to showcase her greatness. Kiara defends Sahiba, stating that Sahiba didn’t want to inform them at all and had hoped that Jatin would meet them and marry her traditionally. Kiara expresses her desire to move to London for some time to escape her sorrows. Angad asks Veer to book London tickets for Kiara. Kiara emotionally hugs Angad and asks him to take care of Sahiba before embracing Sahiba herself.

Later, Angad takes Sahiba in his car. Sahiba questioned why they are heading towards her shop when he had said they were going to her parents’ house. Angad asks her to wait for a moment. Sahiba closes her eyes, unable to face her burnt shop. Angad tells her to meet the people waiting for her at least. Veer brings Ajith, Santosh, and Keerat to the location. Angad reveals their new house, which surprises them. They are amazed to see their shop transformed into a goldsmith’s workshop. Angad explains that he couldn’t return the shop to Ajith directly but did what he could. He seats Ajith in a boss’s chair and encourages him to design gold jewellery for the Brar family, mentioning how Sahiba grew up watching him create such pieces. The emotional scene brings tears of joy to Sahiba and the entire family, who witness Angad’s heartwarming surprise.


Sahiba recalls the Brar family insulting her based on her qualifications and demanding that she stop working, as her identity is solely that of a Brar daughter-in-law. She hands some papers to Angad and states that just as a wife should be happy in her husband’s happiness, a husband should support his wife for her own happiness.

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