Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 June 30th 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 June 30th 2023 Written Update on

Ram calls Priya and apologizes for his family’s delay in reaching the wedding venue. Priya reassures him and informs him that another marriage is taking place, which will take about an hour. Ram agrees to delay his family’s arrival and suggests an alternative route for them. Kriti gets stuck in traffic and Shreya suspects that Ram intentionally sent them the wrong route. Shreya shows Kriti pictures of Priya and Yuvraj, hoping to use them to cancel the wedding. Kriti thanks Shreya and expresses her desire to reunite with Ram.

Meanwhile, Anju and Sanjeev become anxious about the situation. Priya advises them to remain calm and not worry. Anju notices a call from Mrs Verma but ignores it. Priya insists on checking the urgent matter and attends the call. Mrs. Verma informs her about an emergency with her daughter and requests Priya’s help. Despite it being her wedding day, Priya agrees to assist and promises to send the location. Anju is worried and objects to Priya leaving. However, Priya insists and mentions that it involves a young girl’s well-being.

She joins Ram in his car, and they compliment each other’s appearance. Priya urges him to drive quickly, and he questions their destination. She explains the emergency situation and assures him that she will return soon. They engage in a playful argument about hunger. Kriti and Shreya witness Ram and Priya leaving and contemplate their next move. Shreya reveals that she has sent the correct address to everyone, ensuring their arrival within five minutes and anticipating a dramatic turn of events.

At the wedding venue, Anju panics upon seeing Ram’s family arrive. She feels overwhelmed and fetches a ceremonial plate. Shalini joyfully dances with the wedding procession and goes to get something for Priya. Sanjeev informs her that another marriage is taking place, causing worry among Ram’s family. The event organizer assures them that they are quickly setting up the mandap. Shalini overhears her family members making disparaging remarks and supports Sanjeev and Anju.

Ram receives a call from Shardul, while Priya is contacted by Ritika. Priya attends to the emergency case, and Ram playfully teases the young patient. Priya scolds Ram for scaring the girl and ensures her comfort. Ram mentions that he doesn’t want the girl to develop a dislike for Priya. They engage in a playful banter about dental hygiene. Priya treats the girl while telling her a story. Shalini calls Ram and inquires about their whereabouts. Ram explains that Priya is attending to an emergency case. Shalini expresses her belief that Ram and Priya are soulmates.

In the next episode, Ram and Priya will arrive at the venue, and Anju will notice Yuvraj’s presence.

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