Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 14th June 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 14th June 2023 written update

In the episode, Yuvraj hides from Ram and leaves. Ritika says Priya is simple. Shalini agrees I told Ram she is very simple, so we are very lucky to have her. Anju sees Yuvraj and asks him to stay downstairs. Shalini says he is Alekha’s fiancé. They are invited to see the jewellery by her.

As Kriti enters, Ritika questions what she is doing. Priya says I don’t care. Shalini hugs Kriti and tells her to come to sit. Alekha asks if Ram knows if Shalini invited her. Shardul says I doubt. Yuvraj considers making one more attempt. The guests commented, “Let’s see what gifts Ram receives.” Anju notices her husband and observes as he approaches Shalini, stating, “You have bestowed numerous gifts upon Priya.”

You can give anything to Ram, and I won’t say anything. Similarly, I can give anything to Priya, and you won’t say anything. Shalini says we give gifts with love, and we don’t know when this becomes a burden.

Priya opens the door. Ram holds him and says everyone is waiting for you. Kriti asks what you’re doing in a close pose while Shardul calls Ram. Kriti says I’ll go. Shalini says Priya has a right to Ram, and you go get him. Priya goes. Ram opens the door. Priya holds him and says everyone is waiting for you.

He tells you that you look good. Priya agrees, adding an introduction. Kriti then inquires if she can talk to Ram, and Priya departs with a smile. On his part, he confirms her assessment and again Kriti requests an explanation. They both leave soon after, with Yuvraj entering the room in their wake, carrying contract papers. Her father bestows a watch on Ram saying he hopes they have many good times together; should anything happen to disrupt things he should try and make it right as he knows how much Priya values her choice of him. He even goes so far as to compare her to his own mother, calling her ‘Jaan’ – and asks never to break her heart.

I promise to try my best to keep her smiling, Ram says I will try my best to protect her heart. Yuvraj keeps the contract papers on the table. Shalini gets the papers. She says that Ram and Priya signed them. She checks. She shows the papers to Ram and Priya. They check the papers. They ask Ram about the contract marriage. Ram says it’s a prenup agreement, I’ll explain.

Ram and Priya are asked why they did this, it seems so cheap and insulting. Shalini asks how you can both do this. Anju says Priya isn’t able to. She checks the papers. Shalini asks Ram what he has to say.

Priya says I made this contract, I put the terms and conditions on it and asked Ram to sign it. I know it is a big deal for a middle-class girl, and you might find it hard to comprehend. My thought was simple, I wanted to make some rules like Ram cannot do anything without my consent, he has no right to my flat rent,

In spite of what everyone thinks, I have no rights to his money and property, and that’s not true, I’m marrying him only for him and nothing else. I want to marry him, and I don’t want to know about his money, because money can’t buy happiness. I want to remain happy and keep him happy, so I signed this before Ram, sorry, I’m not one of those who make relations to make use of others, so I want to come here respectfully.

Shalini tears up the contract after Ram says, “Try to understand me.” I didn’t understand, you’re under pressure, you don’t think of yourself, you love Ram a lot, you protected yourself from Ram, you rejected the company shares, I wanted a girl like her, one who always supports him.


Ram consoles Priya and cheers her up when she sees Alekha and Yuvraj.

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