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Meet asks Shagun where she found the mangalsutra. Meet reveals that she discovered where Shagun had hidden it, and mentions how she called him irresponsible in front of Jasodha, only to find out that it was Shagun herself who misplaced it. Shagun insists on seeing the mangalsutra properly, but Meet refuses, fearing that she might take it and run away. Meet walks away, and Shagun, unable to locate it, runs to her room.

In her haste, Shagun accidentally bumps into Sapna and hurts her. Shagun quickly runs away, while Meet approaches Sapna to check on her. Inside her room, Shagun examines the mangalsutra and realizes that Meet was trying to deceive her. She hides the mangalsutra once again. Meanwhile, Meet prays to God and searches for Shagun. He spots her locking the door and hurries towards her. Shagun accuses him of trying to trick her, but Meet insists on searching again and asks her to open the door. Shagun decides to wait until the oil lamp goes out, hoping that Meet will fail to receive blessings, and she walks away.

Meghna asks Meet about the mangalsutra, and Meet informs her that it’s inside Shagun’s room, but they need the key to unlock it. They plan to seek Manmeet’s help and explain their strategy. Meghna and Meet start shouting, pretending that a dangerous snake in Shagun’s room could harm her. Shagun dismisses their claims, stating that it’s just a soft toy. Meghna insists that she saw it moving. Manmeet asks Shagun about the key, but she claims to have lost it and tells him not to worry.

Concerned for her safety, Manmeet decides to break the lock and enter the room. They all enter the room, making a mess in their search for the snake. Shagun denies the presence of a snake and becomes anxious about the mangalsutra. She sits on the mattress, which raises suspicion in Meet’s mind. Meet accuses Shagun of sitting on the snake, prompting Manmeet to ask her to move. Meet searches the mattress and discovers the mangalsutra.

Overjoyed, she exclaims that she finally found her mangalsutra. Jasodha enters and inquires about the mangalsutra. Meet confirms that it was in Shagun’s room. Shagun insists that Meet must have dropped it, as it was not in her room. Meet argues that it’s not possible since she had lost it and had been searching for it since morning. Shagun warns Meet not to argue with her. Meet whispers to Jasodha that Shagun hid it. Manmeet intervenes, telling them to stop arguing and continue searching for the snake. Jasodha asks Manmeet to accompany Meet and receive blessings from the priest. They all leave the room. Manmeet decides to temporarily lock the room and search for the snake later. Meet invites Shagun to join them and witness Manmeet helping her wear the mangalsutra.

In the prayer room, Meet and Manmeet perform the rituals, with everyone present. Meet hands the mangalsutra to Manmeet, who takes it from her and places it around her neck. Shagun feels jealous and recalls Meet’s previous comments about the significance of the mangalsutra. Meet seeks blessings from Jasodha and the priest. The priest informs Sarkar that Jasodha wants to perform a pooja for Manmeet’s safety and happiness, and he had explained everything to Shagun the previous day. Sarkar tells Shagun that she will sit beside Manmeet during the pooja, to which she agrees.

However, the priest interrupts and explains that only Meet, as Manmeet’s wife, can sit beside him for the pooja to be successful. Shagun is told she cannot participate, as it would go against the rules. Sarkar and Manmeet leave the room, while Meet approaches Shagun and reminds her that while jewellery may suit her, the mangalsutra is meant for her. She warns Shagun not to do anything that would harm Manmeet or the family’s reputation. Meet gets ready for the Besakhi celebration.

In her room, Shagun prepares herself. Gunwanti enters and asks why she’s getting ready when Meet is supposed to sit beside Manmeet, as instructed by the priest. Shagun doesn’t care about the ritual but mentions that someone’s reputation will be attacked. Gunwanti informs her that the whole village will be gathering, questioning Shagun’s intentions.

Meet catches a glimpse of Manmeet in the mirror and turns around. Manmeet holds a flying chunri and presents it to Meet. She accepts it and wears it. Manmeet comments on her beauty, and when she drops her jewellery, he picks it up and returns it to her. Meet asks him to help her put it on, and he comes closer, tying the jewellery around her waist. Manmeet tells her she looks beautiful and applies a black mark on himself, ensuring she won’t face any bad omens. He then walks away. Meet blushes and expresses her desire to stay with him forever.


Shagun is trapped by some goons who taunt her about becoming their girlfriend, just like Manmeet. Manmeet sees Shagun in danger and rushes to save her. One of the goons mentions Manmeet’s affair with another girl despite being married to Meet. Manmeet tries to defend himself, but Shagun steps in and challenges him to reveal their relationship.

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