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After waking up in the middle of the night, Mihika proclaims that Ranbir is her life, she has loved him more than herself, so she cannot lose him, so she vows to tell Prachi to leave Ranbir immediately.

As Akshay sits on the bed, his brother asks him to stay here, but Akshay says he must warn Prachi not to fall victim to Ranbir again, Abhay says that he is a nice person so any girl would fall in love with him, Akshay hugs Abhay saying he cannot lose Prachi, but his brother asks him to try and sleep, Akshay lies down and asks his brother to remain with him as he is a bit distressed.

When Mihika saw Khushi sleeping in her room, she became furious because she remembered Prachi taking care of Ranbir and sleeping by his side as she was walking. When Mihika walked into Khushi’s room, she sat by her side on the bed and said Khushi was the reason both Prachi and Ranbir are close, and Khushi would now cause them both to be separated and Prachi to die.

When Mihika sees the knife on the shelf, she goes to grab it, exclaiming that it was fate, mentioning that Prachi would die with the same knife she used to try to kill Ranbir. Netra thinks she has to call Prachi here for this to work, so she comes up with a plan. Mihika goes to Khushi and mentions that she will help her and call Prachi here.

Netra turns off the light and pulls out her phone. She carefully approaches Khushi, who is fast asleep. Suddenly, Mihika’s strange voice calls out Netra’s name, causing Khushi to scream for her mother. Prachi, who was sleeping, awakens and becomes concerned for Khushi. Mihika continues to frighten Khushi, who calls out for her mother again. Prachi hurries to Khushi’s room while Mihika emerges from her hiding spot under the stairs and follows Prachi into the hallway as she tries to open the door to Khushi’s room.

Prachi slowly starts walking behind her, attempting to stab her. However, Prachi manages to protect herself. Netra follows closely, holding a knife in her hands. With fear in her voice, Prachi calls out to Ranbir for help while continuing to run for her life. She finally stops at a pillar to catch her breath and Mihika suddenly appears in front of her, still wearing a mask. Prachi desperately calls Ranbir once again as he sits up in his bed despite feeling the pain of his injury. He slowly makes his way to the window, trying to see what is happening outside before eventually leaving his room.

Seeing Netra about to stab Prachi, Ranbir stops her and pulls her out of the hall. Prachi asks who is there, but cannot find anyone. She turns on the lights before opening the room door.

Akshay asks Mihika to leave her, he pulls his hand and gets hit by a knife, Netra asks what he is doing when he asks what she is trying to do, and Netra explains Prachi is trying to take her life from him, Akshay warns Mihika to stay away from his Prachi and blames Ranbir for trying to steal it, he says if Ranbir gets in between, he will kill him. When Mihika warns Akshay to leave, Akshay tries to leave when Mihika warns her not to let anyone hurt Ranbir,

Akshay and Mihika got into an argument about Prachi, as he questioned her belief that he was losing her. However, Mihika reminded Akshay that Prachi is still in love with Ranbir and asked him to control his actions. In the heat of the moment, Akshay was about to hit Mihika, but Prachi stopped him and questioned why he would act violently towards anyone. Akshay defended himself by saying she didn’t know what Mihika had done, but Prachi insisted he apologize to her. After apologizing to Prachi, she requested that he also apologize to Mihika. Meanwhile, Ranbir arrived and asked Prachi if she was okay, noticing blood on Akshay’s arm and inquired about how he got injured.

Prachi tells Ranbir to go and rest, she says he always comes to protect her, Ranbir says he will get hurt after seeing her cry, Prachi asks him to come as she knows the medicine that he must have, and Ranbir gets hurt when Prachi helps him out of the room. Mihika and Akshay get furious when they leave.

Then Prachi helps Ranbir into his room when Khushi sits on his bed, and Ranbir asks what happened to his little partner. Khushi asks Prachi why she left her once again after entering, and Khushi tells Prachi that she was with her father all that time, but Prachi says she was in the kitchen.

Ranbir suggests hugging Khushi while they sleep, but she interrupts, blaming him for her mother’s lack of affection. He then reveals a secret and asks her to sit on his lap. Recognizing Khushi’s strength, he confides that he is afraid to sleep alone. Despite having bravely faced criminals before, Khushi reassures him and agrees to join him tonight. She assists Ranbir in lying down and even offers her hand as a pillow for his head.

He asks Khushi to hold his hand tightly so that he won’t get scared, Khushi assures him that she is by his side, but he should close his eyes and go to sleep. As Khushi massages Ranbir’s face, she falls asleep slowly, Ranbir opens his eyes and notices Prachi is emotional, so Khushi even hugs Ranbir even tighter.

As Akshay walks, his brother inquires where he is going and what happened to his hand. Akshay replies that he feels like he is trapped in a swamp and can’t do anything. When his brother asks him to relax, Akshay says he does not know what is going on with him and tells him Mihika has gone completely mental and that the truth of Mihika will come to Ranbir very soon since he escaped from jail and even brought Khushi back home.

Akshay expresses his concern about Mihika’s behavior and his brother suggests sending her to a foreign place. Akshay reveals that Mihika had attempted to harm Prachi, causing his brother to panic and question why he hadn’t shared this with their family. He reminds Akshay that Mihika is capable of anything during these attacks. Akshay physically stops Abhay from reacting by pushing him onto the bed and explains that there is still a small chance for Ranbir and Mihika’s marriage to work, but it will be ruined if Abhay tells anyone the truth. He urges Abhay to leave the room.

Akshay receives a call from a criminal who demands that Akshay help him get free. Akshay warns him not to threaten him, the criminal threatens Ranbir and Prachi with the truth, Akshay ends the call and will see what happens to them.

She asks Ranbir how he learned how to handle children so well, and he replies that children aren’t that difficult and they just have to be a bit more careful. As Ranbir asks Prachi to spend more time with Khushi, she says she does, but Ranbir replies she is lying because she has her full attention on him. As a result of a dream he had about Prachi being attacked by a knife, Ranbir explains that he came to the room. Prachi asks if the dream was real or not,

Prachi reveals the moment when she heard Khushi’s cry so she went to her room, but it was locked from the outside and she felt as if someone tried to hit her with a knife, but no one was there when she turned on the lights. Prachi advises Ranbir to stay inside and rest, but he finds out when Khushi is hugging him; Prachi says she will take Khushi away, but he must rest. He asks Prachi to take care of both herself and Khushi.

When Ranbir sits in the room, he wonders who would attempt to harm Prachi and gain from it. Upon seeing the blood Akshay had on his hand, he refutes the idea that Akshay could kill anyone in order to protect Prachi, then wonders if it is Mihika, and he thinks he must find out who is attempting to harm Prachi.

Panicked, Mihika rushes into her bua’s room and collapses on the bed. Bua wakes up and asks her what is going on. Mihika explains that she needs to go get Ranbir, but is unable to do so because of Akshay, her brother. Bua doesn’t understand, so Mihika clarifies that Akshay is preventing Prachi from leaving and if Prachi stays here, it will only remind Ranbir of their past which will hinder him from moving on. Restlessly, Mihika rests her head on Bua’s lap as she expresses her concerns. Bua promises to help Mihika in any way possible to marry Ranbir, but she is also worried about the situation at hand.

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