Kumkum Bhagya 10th July 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya July 10, 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Ranbir introduces a game in which married couples participate. Vishaka suggests that unmarried couples should also play the game. Ranbir begins the game by blindfolding the husbands, and Ashok successfully identifies his wife, Manpreet. Next, it’s Akshay’s turn, and Ranbir encourages him to find his wife, whom he loves dearly. Prachi and Mihika switch places, causing Akshay to mistakenly hold someone else’s hand. Akshay apologizes to Prachi, who becomes upset and starts arguing with him.

Meanwhile, Ranbir is blindfolded and reaches out to Prachi, mistaking her for Mihika. After the game, tensions rise between Prachi and Ranbir as they accuse each other of not truly loving one another.

Later, Ashok consoles Prachi and expresses his anger towards Akshay for not recognizing her. Mihika defends Akshay, stating that he loves Prachi very much. The group suggests applying mehendi to the girls’ hands, and Ranbir brings water for Prachi. However, Prachi throws the water on the floor, symbolizing her resentment towards Ranbir. She declares that she doesn’t need him in her life and refuses to discuss her personal matters with him.

Ranbir holds her hand and questions whether he truly has no place in her heart. Prachi denies having any feelings for him and tells him to leave her alone. Ranbir insists that Prachi wants him to chase after her and claims that she enjoys his attention. They exchange heated words, with Prachi expressing her frustration and Ranbir mentioning that Mihika is better than her. Vishaka overhears their conversation and senses a past connection between them. She confides in Ashok about her suspicions, and he recalls Prachi’s sister being engaged to Ranbir in the past. However, Manpreet advises Vishaka against jumping to conclusions and warns her not to let doubt ruin their relationship, as it did with Ashok and Vishaka’s.

Akshay notices Prachi’s upset state and tries to cheer her up. He apologizes for his mistake during the game and expresses his affection for her. Ranbir interrupts their conversation and holds Prachi’s hand, urging her to get mehendi applied. Prachi hesitates, concerned about what others might think, but Ranbir insists, including Akshay in the activity as well. Meanwhile, Prachi informs Akshay that they cannot participate in the rituals as they are not real couples. Mihika also states that she and Ranbir are not a genuine couple. Ranbir questions his own presence and Mihika decides to opt out of the rituals.


Prachi tells Akshay that they cannot go through with the rituals because they are not a real couple. Mihika supports this decision, leaving Ranbir confused about his own participation.


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