Faltu 5th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

In the episode, Angoori asks Pappi to help Faltu and propose to her for marriage. Ratan says she isn’t coming. She says she is coming for her dad. He wonders why he is scared to do a husband’s duty. Angoori blames Faltu and asks him to go to Charan. Jamuna asks why he came here.

Lajwanti takes Faltu to meet Dad first. Jamuna scolds Angoori. Suhana asks Ayaan for help. Ayaan says Rajasthan has many delicious sweets. Ayaan recalls Faltu’s words and their moment in the village. He says I gave you my heart, Faltu, so why didn’t I realize it? She thanks him and leaves.

Faltu receives a call from his man. The man informs him about Charan’s heart attack. Ayaan is shocked. Faltu meets Charan and tells him to talk to her, he’ll be fine.

He sees Faltu. He asks why she came here. He says go back, we’ll handle it here. Jamuna asks him to take a break. Sid asks what, when, are you sure? The man replies Faltu’s parents went back to their village, her dad suffered a heart attack.

Tanisha comes. Sid says thank God, you came here. Faltu went back to her village, her dad suffered a heart attack. She asks if it means she won’t return. The doctor says Charan’s reports have come. He explains his condition and the cost of surgery. Jamuna and Faltu ask how we will arrange the money for the operation.

Faltu says no one can snatch what is in my destiny. She asks the doctor about the operation. The doctor says Charan will be fine if he takes medicine and eats well. Tanisha says Faltu will be out of Ayaan’s sight, I will meet you later. Charan asks how you’ll manage, you’ll go there. She tells him not to worry. Faltu says thanks, thank you.

It is not possible for you to become Ayaan’s wife, I cannot miss this opportunity. Sid thinks and comes up with an idea. He says Pappi is also in the village, I will brainwash him, and he can bring Faltu back to Mumbai. Sid says Faltu will be there soon. Pappi says she is here. Sid says don’t send her back. Pappi says as you say. Tanisha says I was thinking of giving Dad cufflinks.

Then Ayaan asks why, and what makes today special. She says that Dad was so angry at me that I helped Faltu, so I had to do it for you. I just hope she is happy. He says she is in the village, her dad suffered a heart attack, so she has gone there for his sake, and our employee had called and told me that Charan’s life is at risk.

She asks are you fine, you look disturbed. He says yes, I don’t want to lie to you, they may be selfish, but I cannot leave them to die. She says she trusts him and hugs him. It’s my responsibility to make sure Faltu gets what she needs, I was going to call her for a trial match, I’ll do my best to help her, just relax.

Tanisha thanks him. He thanks her. She asks him to rest. She leaves. Ayaan says he feels fate is bringing him back to Faltu, sorry Tanisha. How will I repay your kindness? No one would have done that for me.


Ayaan asks how Faltu will repay the money. She says she will become a maid and work to earn money. He asks her to become a maid in his house. She accepts.

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