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Saraswathi expresses her unwavering belief that both Jhanvi and Yamini will be well. She wonders if Maa is aware that today marks the 501st Varth, a tradition often observed after prayers are granted. Despite the separation, Saraswathi remains confident that she will reunite with her daughters. Rajeshwari recalls Pandit Ji’s prediction of this reunion between Saraswathi and her daughters. Affirming her prayers for everything to turn out well, Rajeshwari muses about the possibility of Jhanvi and Yamini returning home.

While Vedika is taking her mother on the scooter, her father is tensed behind. When Mauri says he seems to be involved in fake currency, Koyal takes the wallet and gets excited, saying this is not fake currency but Euros. At first, Mauri does not comprehend but eventually gets delighted as Vedika rides the scooter in the hospital and stops at the corridor. This makes the doctor furious, and Vedika informs him that her mother has been ill.

When Sagar’s grandmother lied to him about her health, he did not like it, and Rajeshwari said he couldn’t understand and that if she hadn’t done that, he would not have returned. When Bua enters, he greets Sagar and asks if Sagar has not missed his grand welcome. Sagar replies that she did not. Bua asks if Suphedra said the same thing. Sagar says that it is not a good thing that she keeps drinking so much tea.

When Saraswathi enters the room, announcing she will visit the Mandir, her sister-in-law inquires whether Saraswathi has actually made so much Parshad and what she should ask Bhagwan for. Rajeshwari replies that she should ask for some intelligence, but Suphedra turns back, smells something burning, and informs Saraswathi, and everyone runs. In her apology to Bhagwan, Rajeshwari claims she had no choice but to place the thorns because she wanted to protect her wealth.

Along with Suphedra and Sagar, Saraswathi runs, wondering how it could have happened when she had turned off the gas. Rajeshwari asks if Sagar can see how she is doing since she cannot understand anything and tells her to be careful, but Saraswathi replies that she did not forget anything. She sits on the floor, asking how she could have forgotten it. Sagar tells her to calm down and that he will help her make it all over again.

Saraswathi replies that it took her all day while the Arthi would start in an hour. She says she vowed to give Prasad her 501 Vrat, and Sagar says they can give something else, but Suphedra points out Saraswathi longed for everything. Despite Rajeshwari saying Suphedra should not worry because this might be Bhagwan’s will, Saraswathi replies that she is doing this for her daughters.

Sagar assures Saraswathi that he will handle the Parshad and tells his mother to assist her in getting into the car. However, a worker interrupts, questioning if someone like Saraswathi should be burning the Prasad. Sagar quickly dismisses the worker, believing this tactic will convince Saraswathi that her daughters will return. Just then, Vedika arrives and inquires about her mother’s condition. She playfully teases her father for pretending to faint and then goes off after reminding him to take care of her mother.

Additionally, Koyal tells her mother that she would like to give this money to Bhagwan since she does it all the time. She knows that her father threw her out of the house when she was born, but she has a mother like her, and she hugs her mother, who says Bhagwan will surely make their lives better.

Sagar kindly assists his aunt Saraswathi in getting out of the car. She expresses her amazement at the sight of people standing with boxes when Sagar reveals that he arranged it all from a food help service just for her. Saraswathi praises Sagar as an angel, and he affectionately refers to himself as her best friend. He then suggests she go upstairs for the Aarti while he begins distributing it. Vedika exclaims that whoever made this gesture should have fulfilled all their desires.

As Saraswathi ascends the steps of the mandir, Vedika and Koyal flank her on either side. She stumbles but is quickly steadied by both of them. Memories flood her mind of how her daughters used to support her in this very way. Her astonishment grows as she notices Koyal grasping the corner of her dupatta just like her daughters used to. Turning to Vedika, who holds onto her hand, Saraswathi reflects on their life together.

Koyal replies that she wouldn’t have been hurt, so he even thanks Vedika for calling her sister. Saraswathi asks if they are both sisters, but Koyal replies that they are meeting for the first time. Saraswathi replies that she felt for a moment that she had found her daughters. Vedika does not understand it. Saraswathi smiles and says it is similar every day; she always gets the same feeling. She thanks both before walking into the Mandir, and Vedika and Koyal follow suit.

Saraswathi recalls the day when she lost everything, and it seemed to slip away like grains of sand. Despite this, she never lost hope. When Pandit Ji informs her that he is searching for her and that today is the 501st anniversary of her family, Saraswathi confidently affirms her belief that her daughters will return to her. Upon being invited by Pandit Ji, she walks alongside Vedika and Koyal to begin the Aarti. When asked if both girls are with her, Saraswathi acknowledges that they assisted her outside and felt like her daughters. However, Pandit Ji reminds her that it cannot be accurate as the girls are present without their dupattas.

Koyal pulls out a napkin and inquires if it will suffice. Suddenly, Pandit Ji reprimands her. In response, Saraswathi drapes Vedika and Koyal in her saree’s dupatta. With a heavy heart, Vedika pleads to Bhagwan for her mother’s speedy recovery and for the opportunity to find employment to support her parents. Meanwhile, Koyal yearns for a high-paying job to shower her mother with happiness. As they all gather in the Mandir, Saraswathi prays for the safe return of her daughters after completing the 501 Vrat. United in prayer, the three seek solace in their devotion to Bhagwan.


Sagar keeps calling Vedika a thief, and they both fall down the stairs when she pleads for help. Although Vedika says her parents taught her not to trust anyone, she feels that she can trust this person, and she cleans Koyal’s nose the same way she did when they were children.

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