Shiv Shakti (Zee) 9th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Shakti’s First Day at College

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 9th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shiv tells her that on the first day of college, Dhanteras are together for Shakti. He says you will be a great doctor. He asks Shakti to light a diya before his father’s photo. He said he wanted him to bless her as he blessed me. Shakti smiles and lights the diya. They both pray to him. Mandira smirks at them. The Shakti says she wants to thank Dadu for giving Shiv to us, and she wants him to tell me how you have such good qualities. Did you learn everything from him?

I want Shakti to become the best doctor in the world, Shiv tells Dadu. Shakti kisses him. He is surprised when Shakti smiles and kisses him. Mahero plays as they stare at each other, but it is Shakti’s dream. He tells her to go for her lecture. Mandira arrives at the cabin and looks at Dada’s photo. She says they will curse each other out soon. Her love will turn into hatred now she gets a call.

She hears a guy say she got the admission because of her affair with Shiv. People leave Shakti after seeing that. Shiv wishes her luck and leaves.

My Guruji has arrived home, and Mandira tells everyone. Everyone is happy to see him, and every family member receives his blessings. Dadi says it’s good to see you again. Guruji says the bad times have ended for this family. Only Shakti can bring happiness to them. Everyone is happy to hear that.

As Shakti tries to talk to her classmates, they joke about her affair with Shiv and tell her that Shiv will do everything for her. Shakti thinks, no, this is my dream.

The Guruji tells the family that Mandira told me everything, and I think it’s time for Shiv and Shakti to come together. Keertan is angry when he hears this. Gayatri says God listened to us. Dadi says we will talk to Shakti’s family, but I hope there won’t be any obstacles now. My Dadi should speak to Shakti’s chacha. I haven’t met her, but she must possess five qualities to manage Shiv. The first quality would be unconditional love for Shiv, while the second would be purity and innocence.

It is said that she has those qualities. Guruji says her third quality is that she must maintain a balance between her family and inlaws. Nandu thinks she can juggle responsibilities efficiently. Guruji says her character should be clean. Guruji says she has to accept Shiv in his past and present, his sins and good acts, and both his good and bad sides. All look on.

She needs to be able to care for the family and fulfill her dreams. Guruji believes Shakti has all those qualities. Dadi agrees. Mandira smirks and recalls telling Guruji that she would make Shakti fail on all these qualities. I would break Shakti badly. The flashback ends. Guruji tells the family to unite Shiv and Shakti. I’ll give you my blessings. They’re all happy together.


Shiv is looking for Shakti in her class. Shakti is with Ranjan in jail. She says whatever, you must take Mandira’s name in front of everyone. Mandira thinks that while everyone is celebrating Diwali, Shakti will be holding her life in her hands. Before Mandira does anything, Shakti believes, “I should take action.”

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