Udne Ki Aasha 3rd April 2024 Written Episode Update | Tensions Rise Over Wedding Preparations

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Udne Ki Aasha 3rd April 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode starts with Dilip getting the snacks. Renu says they have arranged the money, and I think they have a lot of money. Shakuntala says yes. Shobha asks Renu to have the snacks. Renu comments on the oily snacks. Shobha says she will make you tea. Renu says she is teaching me so that I will show her cooking. Sayali drinks the tea. As a second bahu, Renu thinks they may plan to send Juhi to our house.

She is asked to keep her mind calm. Paresh says we have a lot of work to do. Renu taunts Shobha. Sayali says I do not find this right. Renu demanded 1 lakh. Shakuntala says it’s okay and it’s a good family. Shakuntala says we’ll arrange the money, don’t worry, smile. They go shopping. Paresh calls Sayali. Sachin takes the call. Paresh and Shobha take the phone to talk. Paresh says Sachin is my second son.

She asks Paresh about Tejas’ gold chain. She asks him to choose it at the jewelry store. Paresh says it isn’t necessary. Sayali says Mum wants to buy it, so please come. He says okay, I’ll get there. Paresh says Sayali and her mother contacted me about Tejas’ gold chain. Sachin takes him. He doesn’t see Sayali. He says there wasn’t any parking there. Go now. Paresh says to come and meet them, and they ask about you and Akash.

It’s hard for me to meet her, poor girl, Tejas has degrees, he won’t ruin her self-esteem with his ego, mum won’t leave her, and I get a headache. Paresh says Tejas isn’t such a useless person. Sachin waits in his car. Paresh says there was no parking here, so the car was parked there. Paresh greets Shobha. He says no chain is necessary. She asks him to check on her once.

As Sayali shows the chains, he says do not give an expensive one. Sayali says not to worry, and I used to pay here monthly. Paresh says it’s a good one, and you took it with love. Shobha thanks him for showing up to support them. He says he’ll take you to the car. They buy the chain. The salesman, who likes Sayali, gets sad. When they see Sachin gone, Paresh also leaves. He tells Sachin about his work on the phone.

You always help others, Shobha says. Sayali, you’ve done good deeds to get Paresh as your Sasur. Renu visits Shakuntala. She complains about Sayali and her mum. She tells about the gold chain. She says I know how to control Sayali and have a plan. Shakuntala asks what plan. She thinks I’ll ask them one more lakh. Come with me, we’ll demand money, I’ll scare them. They go to Shobha. Shobha asks how I will get one lakh.

Renu insists that Shobha contribute something to the wedding, but Shobha declines due to lack of funds. This causes Renu to become upset and question Shobha’s devotion to Tejas. Shakuntala agrees that Shobha has made many compromises, while Shobha promises to try her best. Renu then reminds her not to keep any secrets about Tejas, as she has a right as his mother. Shobha apologizes and promises not to make the same mistake again. As they depart, Sayali enters and observes them.


He falls, and Haldi splashes on Sayali’s face after seeing the picture of Sayali and Tejas.

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