Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 3rd September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 3rd September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kunal and Vandana walking on the road sadly. She put some money in a charity box. He waits for his cab. He sees Vandana. The cab driver calls him to the other side of the road. Kunal approaches the cab. The driver tells him to cancel the ride. Kunal leaves. He becomes angry.

Seeing the electric bike, Vandana smiles. She takes it. She goes to help Kunal. They argue. She says I have booked the electric bike, wear the helmet. They leave. They argue again. They come home. She says whoever needs it will find it on the app and pick it up. This location is Malhotra house, he says. Vandana Nivaas is the name she will always use.

As Kunal runs on the beach in the morning, he recalls Kuldeep’s words. Vandana remembers Hemant’s words. Kunal misses Vedika. Aaji asks what’s inside. Vandana says I went for recording yesterday. Anagha asks for cash? Vandana says I sang in chorus, I have to do this to pay expenses, I have no choice, the deadline is one month away.

The question is where is Vedika, just let me know she’s okay. Kuldeep says if you don’t find that voice in one month, nothing will be okay. Kunal says, “I know you love Vedika, but if I don’t find that voice in one month, nothing will be OK.” He says, “Why don’t I feel good, dad didn’t make me talk to Vedika, it’s Rakhi today.” Kuldeep says he doesn’t want to shake his focus, he will know. Bobby arrives. Kunal jokes. He asks if you found new candidates. Bobby smiles. Kunal says good.

Kunal calls for the guard, stating that he needs to make some photocopies. Bobby informs him that the guard has taken a day off. Kunal then comments on the guard’s frequent absences, and Bobby suggests they go attend a local festival instead, where they can capture videos and have a good time. Kunal declines, but Bobby reminds him of the possibility of finding their desired voice at the festival. Eventually, Kunal agrees with Bobby’s plan. Later, Vandana arrives to meet Vaibhav and expresses her concerns about not being able to marry soon due to her financial obligations towards Hemant’s loan. This angers Vaibhav, but Vandana tries to explain the situation to him.

Previously, you were after me for marriage, now I want to marry, but you ask me to postpone it. He asks what I should do. He says you will turn 50 years old while paying off this loan. She cries. He says don’t push love so much, I don’t want to wait for you forever. She thinks of her family. Vijay says I cannot see Vandana crying, we cannot make her smile.

During an argument between Vandana and Vaibhav, Vaibhav says she must save the house or my family will go on the road. He says you are getting selfish. She cries. Vaibhav leaves. Kunal comes to the balcony and looks on. She sees him. He says I have waited for you all these years, and I am asking for 2 months. He says I didn’t ask for 5 years for myself. She cries.


Vandana is also at the fishermen’s event. Kunal sees her. The goons attack Vandana’s house. Vedika is injured. Kunal comes home and screams.

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