Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 12th September 2023

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 12th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pammi seeing the party arrangements. Vandana meets Vaibhav and his family. She says I got a cake to end the bitterness, congrats Vaibhav on your promotion. His Taai argues. Vandana says she is happy for him and I love him very much. Vaibhav says love isn’t more important than family than you, will you come with me to America by leaving them, what’s the picture with Kunal. He argues with her.

Vaibhav is one of my most loved people, I want to marry him, I’ve been waiting for him for five years. He says I don’t deserve this, you’re delaying the marriage. Pammi welcomes the guests. Vandana says fine, we’ll get married when it’s agreed upon, I love Vaibhav a lot, I’m committed and I’ll prove it.

She says I don’t want to upset you. Mrunal calls her. Vandana says the neighbors have a hi-fi party, and they invited us. He asks why I would go. Even I don’t want to go, but the media will be there, and we’ll get everything clear if we go together. He thinks he’ll make contacts there.

Kunal comes. Everyone compliments him. Pammi says everyone has seen the newspaper. He says I don’t care, I won’t listen to anything about my family and business. Bobby asks Kunal to come for a selfie. Bobby thinks of her special guests. Vandana asks Anagha to come. Anagha refuses and gets angry. I have made besan laddoos for them, Aaji says.

Vaibhav comes home. Mrunal sees her and smiles. Vandana compliments him. He compliments Mrunal. She says we are matching clothes and our vibes are also matching, so we should take a selfie together. I will join you, too. Mrunal says we are matching, you ruin the frame. Vandana says fine, I’ll take the picture.

They go out to see the media. Kunal says I don’t feel comfortable in the party. Guards stop Vandana and Aaji. He says the party has a dress code. The reporter says Kunal’s girlfriend is here. Vaibhav and Mrunal enter the party. Vaibhav says I will get Vandana. Mrunal asks him not to stop for Vandana and move on with me instead. She smiles. He smiles and goes with her.

Seeing the party, they are stunned. Vaibhav thinks Pammi might not have seen us. Bobby welcomes them. He compliments Mrunal. He asks where family is. Pammi calls Bobby. Vaibhav says I’ll get them. Mrunal says it’s their loss, let’s go, come on. Vandana and Aaji are outside. Kunal comes out to speak to the media. Aaji shouts to Kunal.

As Vandana asks her to calm down, Kunal is shocked to see Kuldeep. He says you’re here… Aaji says he’s his father… Kuldeep shows the breaking news and says I have to come. Aaji says I can’t clearly see his face. Kuldeep says I was in Dubai when this news broke, so I took a flight. He follows Kunal. Aaji and Vandana are seen by Kuldeep.


Considering everything that happened, Vandana says nothing should go wrong. Kunal says Vandana is nobody. Pammi says I will insult them at the party.

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