Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 9th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Tensions Rise as Secrets Unfold

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 9th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

At the start of the episode, Mrunal and Vijay were locked in a heated argument. During their exchange, Mrunal expressed her frustration by saying that they should have killed her. Vandana then interrupted and admitted that it was her mistake to bring Mrunal into their home and love her. However, Mrunal defended herself against Vandana’s accusations and questioned why she kept Bobby away. In response, Vandana denied that Mrunal had any love for Bobby. Meanwhile, Bobby interjected with a taunt towards Mrunal and Kunal’s relationship, claiming that they only married each other for Tara’s sake without any true feelings involved. He also criticized Kunal for using Vandana to further his motives. Finally, Bobby declared that Mrunal loved him, but her ego was getting in the way.

I cannot tolerate Mrunal in this house so that you will leave. Kunal says you can call me anything, but my decision will not change. Bobby told a lot, but now he is scared to leave the house. Bobby catches his leg and says don’t make us leave the house, sorry. Kunal says leave me. Bobby asks Pammi to explain Kunal. She says I don’t want to see your face, only Kunal is my son now, your mother is dead. She cries.

Mrunal apologized, while Vandana promised not to repeat her mistake. Kunal pushed Bobby and Mrunal out of the house, causing them to leave in tears. Pammi scolded Vandana for separating Bobby from her before storming off herself. Kunal was enraged and questioned why Vandana didn’t inform him about them earlier. He declared that he could never forgive her and stormed off in anger. Vandana tearfully picked up the fallen ring as “Jag soona soona” played in the background. She lamented Kunal’s betrayal and empathized with Pammi’s pain. Meanwhile, Kunal sought solace with Pammi, who was mourning over Bobby’s loss. In that moment, Vandana appeared before them, still weeping.

How can Bobby do this? Pammi says I wasn’t a good Bua but a good mum. Vandana cries. Pammi says Guneet and I struggled to give Bobby a good life, but he left me for a girl. I can’t live without him, and I hate myself because I have let down everyone. Vandana will be blamed for cheating me, but everyone will think she cheated the family. She consoles him.

Vijay informed Vandana of this several times. Anagha says we should be happy because Mrunal married Bobby, who is willing to accept her child. Vijay says she is using Bobby. She says Mrunal has changed, and she will handle everything. Atya says no, Vandana only sees family, and Mrunal is selfish. Atya says no, Vandana is just looking after her family. Vijay says no, she is not our family, no one will take her name in this house, she is dead for us. He pours water on his head.

When Vandana cries, she asks Kunal to listen to what she says. She says she trusted Bobby, my younger brother, and I made a mistake. You broke my trust. You knew Mrunal was manipulative. Bobby was in love, and you believed him. You should have stopped him. He says I trusted you, but you couldn’t handle it, and I couldn’t forgive you. She cries.


Kunal says he can’t trust anyone about Tara now. Mrunal says Bobby tried to end his life. Pammi collapses.

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