Mehndi Wala Ghar 17th April 2024 Written Update: Rahul’s Homecoming Sparks Drama

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 17th April 2024 Written Episode Update on

Ajanta is brought into the house by Mauli. Manoj stops her. Mauli apologizes to Ajanta and says she will also leave with her. She asks Janki to give Ajanta a chance to repent. Janki refuses. We shouldn’t evict our bahu; we’ll let Ajanta repent. Everyone performs the aarti. Ajanta sees Manoj there. He returns—Swara units them. Janki gives them Prasad. Janki gives Maul and Rahul Prasad.

A smile crosses Mauli’s face. Jyoti says you’re adding the sweetness of love to the juice. Mauli says Rahul didn’t tell me anything, and you’re writing a love story. Jyoti teases her. She says Rahul will confess to love soon. Mauli says it’s good he didn’t hear it. She goes. Rahul returns. Mauli says he is a drama king. Rahul asks who. She sees him. She asks him to check her pulse and heartbeat. Rahul says I have something to tell you. Jyoti calls her out.

Mauli hands him the glass of juice before heading over to Jyoti. After hearing about Akshay’s worries of losing the franchise if his presentation fails, Mauli reassures him and suggests they work together. Jyoti offers her help, and Mauli indicates that she could contribute with her expertise in wearing sarees. Taking action, Jyoti sends the completed presentation to Akshay, who is pleased and immediately forwards it to the client. Akshay thanks Suman for their help, who informs Jyoti of his gratitude. Overjoyed, Jyoti hugs Mauli and expresses her thanks, but Mauli credits her hard work for the successful outcome. Filled with happiness, Akshay confirms his confidence in obtaining the franchise, while Jyoti notices his contentment and suggests he have some tea to celebrate.

When she messages him, her audio accidentally goes to him. Akshay hears Jyoti’s voice and is shocked. He says Jyoti is my internet friend. Jyoti arrives. He scolds her for creating a fake profile and talking to him. In response to Mauli’s question about why you are crying, Jyoti said he got to know I was talking on the phone and scolded me. Mauli asks what happened.

She tells him that Jyoti wanted to help you. Akshay comes. Mauli says I know. She says Jyoti wants to help you. He says to stop coming between us, ask her to do the household chores, and I will take care of the business. Everyone comes. Mauli says this is not done; he should praise your efforts; you have made the presentation, and he shouldn’t take your help and leave the franchise. Jyoti slaps her.

What are you doing calling him wrong? Jyoti says he’s my husband. Hari says there’s a woman behind every successful man. Learn to appreciate the hard work of women, and if Jyoti is willing to support you, that’s a blessing. Akshay apologizes to Jyoti. He says you made a good presentation. I apologize. Jyoti says no, don’t apologize. He never praised you. If you go on strike, I can’t spend a day doing so. Thanks. He gets a call. The man says your presentation is good and wants to see the designs.

She asks Akshay to call them home. Akshay nods and asks the man to come home. The man agrees. Jyoti thinks I understood Mauli made me angry. She apologizes. Mauli smiles and asks if she is happy.


Everyone celebrates Manisha’s birthday. Mauli calls Karan.

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