Udne Ki Aasha 22nd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Sayali’s Challenges in Sasural

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Udne Ki Aasha 22nd April 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode starts with Sachin calling Sayali again. He says it is me, Sachin, how are you? She smiles and says I am fine. He asks if you’ve eaten. He asks if she has. She says no, I have not yet. I woke up early. I’ll make food now, you know what happened. He said it was okay, Dad asked me to ask two questions, so I did. He ends the call. She gets sad. She cleans the house.

Paresh enters the house and notices it has been thoroughly cleaned. He wonders who could have done such a great job. He then goes to the kitchen and discovers Sayali enjoying some snacks. She sips of water before getting ready for the day and praying to Bappa. Meanwhile, Paresh takes over the cooking duties and prepares breakfast for her. Sayali apologizes for not knowing what everyone likes in the morning and offers to make something else. Paresh reassures her that breakfast is prepared and tells her not to worry about it. Just then, he brings out some delicious dosas. Akash enters the house and greets Aaji and Sayali. Sayali asks him if he went out, to which he responds that he did go for a jog. Aaji then asks if he has spoken to Sachin yet, to which Sayali confirms, adding that Sachin didn’t mention when he would return. Aaji informs them that she is leaving for the village and requests that Akash let Sachin know that she wants him to visit since she has crucial matters there. Sayali expresses her wish for Aaji to stay in the city longer before leaving for the village.

He tells Sayali to sit and eat. He says I made it for you, I know you are hungry, you work hard and feel hungry, so don’t change your routine for us, it’s also your home. They are interrupted by Renu. She asks if we are her servants. Paresh says she’s hungry. Renu says she’d like to know how much food she will consume since she’s been drinking 2 liters of coffee so far. You speak so bitterly, she works from 4 am and doesn’t sleep until late like us, what’s wrong with her?

Sasural, not Maayka, can’t control her hunger. Aaji says you can’t control your tongue, is it okay to make her leave the food. Paresh asks her to eat. Anita asks for leave. Renu smiles and says take as much leave as you want. I’ll call you, then you can come. Anita says fine. She leaves. Renu gets angry seeing Sayali happy. Sayali calls Shobha. Juhi answers the phone.

Sayali said I was hungry. Paresh understood that and made breakfast for me, serving it to me, and I remembered Dad. Shobha said he’s like your dad, and Sayali said she felt like crying. Shobha says you should respect him as you did your father. She says she will make Paresh’s favorite breakfast. She sees Renu and ends the call. Renu asks what’s happening, and Sayali tells her she is talking to her mother.

Paresh calls Sachin and asks him to call Sayali. Renu scolds her. Sayali cries. Paresh asks Sachin to call Sayali. Sachin replies that I already spoke to her, is she the kid I always ask. Paresh says it’s a new relationship. You have to make it strong. Sachin says I can’t hear you. He ends the call. Sayali says she’s making masala poha. Renu says she doesn’t like it. She dictates terms. She gets a call. The man asks about Tejas. He says flat formalities are left. She asks what flat he is going to tell her.

Sayali prepares the breakfast, and Paresh mentions Sachin’s liking for poha. Akash dislikes the dish, but Paresh insists he try it once. After tasting it, Akash changes his mind, and Renu comments on Sayali’s significant accomplishment of making poha. Aaji compliments Sayali on her kitchen skills, and Renu explains how she accidentally asked Sayali to boil curd instead of milk. They all laugh at the mix-up while Paresh expresses his excitement for tasty food today. Akash requests the recipe, and Renu admits feeling sickened at the sight of poha.


Renu troubles Sayali. Sayali speaks to Sachin on the phone. She wonders how she is going to fulfill her dreams.

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