Shiv Shakti (Zee) 30th November 2023 Written Update: Shiv’s Decision Creates Shockwaves

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 30th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

The family asks Shiv if they can do the same thing for Shakti as they did for Gauri six years ago. Dadi says you can’t call her by her name in this house. Shiv says I’ll keep calling her. Gauri.. Gauri.. Meanwhile, Shakti is shocked when she finds Gauri’s photo on the floor in her room. She wonders what hint Gauri gave me. As she picks up her photo, she accidentally cuts her finger.

Shiv tells Dadi he won’t marry Shakti no matter what. Guruji says you did wrong to me; you raised your hand on me, and I can curse you for life. Dadi stops him and begs him to stop. Considering his condition, you should forgive him. Mandira says don’t punish him. Shiv says he won’t spare him. Guruji says enough. After telling Dadi he would not accept his insult like this, he left angrily. His father told Shiv that he would marry Shakti if he cared a little.

Shiv voices his concerns, but Dadi dismisses them with a harsh statement about her well-being. Despite Shiv’s pleading, their friendship seems to hold no weight to her. The wedding was once a joyous occasion for the family, but now it is marred by your indifference towards everyone. Your stubbornness knows no bounds. In response, Shiv makes a surprising decision – he will marry Shakti. However, there’s a condition – he will disclose his entire past to her, and only if she still wants to marry him will he go through with it. Do you all agree to this condition? All eyes turn towards the family for an answer.

Shiv asks what happened. Shouldn’t I tell her what happened six years ago? Gayatri screams and says no… Please don’t. Shiv says this truth has made my mother a criminal, and he looks sad at her and says this truth has taken my mother away from me. What do you want to do to repeat that? Dadi says you can move on from your past. Shiv says that the past is still my present. Raghunath thinks you should stop crying about your past.

Shiv says that Shiva doesn’t care about your past because she loves you. Shiv asks if I should tell her about my past. Love is all about honesty, but you want me to start a relationship with her with a lie? If she finds out the truth, then she will hate me. If you focus on Rimjhim and Keertan’s wedding, not mine, then we will have no relationship. He leaves sadly from there. Everyone looks on. Keertan records everything on his phone. Mandira sees this and gets concerned. He smiles at her.

Shakti has advised me to repair my relationship with Shiv. To do so, I should reach out to him. However, Keertan has already forwarded a video of Shiv confessing his past to her. Just as Mandira arrives and inquires about the situation, Keertan informs her that he has already shared the video with Shakti. Despite Mandira’s request to delete it immediately, Keertan declares his love for Shakti and accuses Mandira of wanting her to marry Shiv. Mandira insists that following her instructions will lead to getting Shakti and gaining control over the empire. However, Keertan claims it is time for him to take charge of his own life and reveals that sending the video will ultimately result in Shakti rejecting Shiv’s proposal. Yet, Mandira persists in demanding that he delete the video while remaining firm in his decision, stating that he will now win over Shakti’s heart.

Shakti is about to check her phone and message Shiv, but she says she should meet up with him and clarify things. She checks her phone and finds a message from Keertan.

She thinks to show him his place. She tells Keertan that he has done many operations without a degree so that he might be jailed. Keertan says what? Mandira says you think you can blackmail me? I am an animal who can eat her baby so that I won’t spare you, so give me the phone. Keertan looks on with fear as Shakti is about to open Keertan’s message on the other side.


It will cost you if you don’t remember you’re a college student and I’m the HOD. Shiv scolds Shakti and says don’t forget you’re a student of this college, and I’m the HOD. She is crying and walking down the corridor when Ketan takes her into a room without her permission. She asks what sort of misbehavior this is.

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