Maati Se Bandhi Dor 23rd June 2024 Written Update: Tragedy Strikes Vaiju’s Family

Maati Se Bandhi Dor

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 23rd June 2024 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Vaiju rescuing her family. After sending Kaveri out, she passionately calls out for Aai and Jaya. Spotting Jaya, she immediately lifts her and forcefully breaks open the door to save her from the fire. As Kaveri desperately shouts for Aai, Saleem and Kaveri restrain Vaiju from returning inside. However, determined to save her loved ones, Vaiju returns and finds Durga trapped under debris. Using all her strength, she pulls Durga to safety. The villagers quickly rush them to safety in the village.
Meanwhile, Kaki explains that Vaiju had refused to marry, causing Jaikant to be sent away from their home. Vasundhara stands up for Vaiju and suggests that something must have deeply hurt her to make such a drastic decision. She wonders if Ranvijay has spoken to Vaiju about it yet, but he admits he hasn’t. Just then, Saleem calls out Ranvijay’s name.

Naagraj speculates that he may be calling to apologize, while Saleem informs him of a significant tragedy at Vaiju’s house. Shocked by the news, Ranvijay rushes to the hospital to meet Saleem. He is thanked for his swift arrival. Unfortunately, Durga’s condition is critical, and she is taken away on a stretcher by Kaveri. Concerned for Jaya, Ranvijay inquires about her well-being. Kaveri explains that everyone was at home during the fire incident, and Vaiju overheard their pre-marriage conversation, leading her to realize their love for each other. As a result, she stopped the wedding and wished for them to be together.

Ranvijay did a lot for Kaki’s daughter. Kaveri says no, Jaya is her own sister. He is shocked. He meets Vaiju. He asks why he didn’t tell anyone when he heard Jaya and me talk. People find flaws in girls, and I wanted to protect your true love. I hope Jaya feels better and finds love. She cries.

As Vasundhara arrives at the hospital, Vaiju embraces her, and tears fall from her eyes. Expressing concern, Vasundhara assures Vaiju that she is not alone and urges her to stay strong. The doctor approaches them and delivers news about the operations – Jaya’s surgery was successful, although she is currently unconscious, while Durga’s condition remains serious. Vaiju rushes to Durga’s side and speaks words of comfort, assuring her of a full recovery. However, Durga feels weighed down by guilt and confesses that she was responsible for sabotaging Vaiju’s prospects by spreading rumors about her. With regret in her voice, Durga pleads for forgiveness as she takes her last breath.

Vaiju shouts. Ranvijay and Vasundhara rush in. Kaveri cries. The doctor asks Vaiju to go out. He checks Durga. He tries to revive Durga. Durga doesn’t respond. He apologizes. We couldn’t save her. Jaikant dances as Vaiju and Kaveri hug Durga. Gopal says we burned Vaiju’s house because she and her family were inside. Vaiju says I forgive you.

Jaikant questions what nonsense the house was empty. Gopal says Vaiju’s mum died, and her sister is undergoing an operation. What will we do if anyone finds out? Vaiju recalls Durga’s words and cries. The inspector says we will investigate the matter and find the culprit. Doctor arrives. Ranvijay asks how Jaya is. The doctor says Vaiju has donated blood to her, but she has slipped into a coma. They are shocked.


Vasundhara asks Ranvijay to care for Jaya while Durga’s brother lights her pyre.

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