Anupama 11th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Anupama Arrested for Theft

Anupama written update

Anupama 11th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Police discover the necklace in Anupama’s bag and proceed to handcuff her. Baa and Beeji defend her, insisting she is not a thief. Yashdeep attempts to reason with the officers while Anuj vouches for Anupama’s innocence, suggesting that someone must have accidentally placed the necklace in her bag. However, the Police stand firm, stating that the necklace was found in her possession and they must take her into custody. They transport her away in their vehicle as Anuj reassures her she is not a thief. Meanwhile, Kinjal contacts Paul and asks him to shelter Anupama temporarily.

Toshu inquires if Pari is accompanying Paul, to which Kinjal confirms. Anupama, sitting in the jeep, requests the Officer to remove the handcuffs as she is struggling to breathe and feels suffocated. She clarifies that she is a simple woman trying to fulfill her dreams. The Officer silences her, but Anupama continues to plead her innocence. Yashdeep and Anuj are en route to the police station, where Yashdeep contacts a lawyer for bail arrangements. Toshu reflects on his actions and questions himself, realizing he falsely accused his mother of theft in front of others. He contemplates informing the Police but hesitates when he thinks of Kinjal and Pari’s involvement. Toshu knows he can’t reveal the goons’ names before the authorities.

Vanraj briefs Toshu that Yashdeep has requested them to return home as not everyone can accompany them to the police station. The officer leads Anupama to a cell and uncuffs her. Grateful, she thanks the officer, who then leaves her alone. She assures herself she will not face any consequences as she is innocent. With tears in her eyes, she trusts that justice will prevail in this vast country and an innocent person like her will not be punished. She reminds herself that she never left the store and is determined to clear her name. She reiterates that she did nothing wrong and believes in her son Toshu, who is waiting outside, and Anuj, who will protect her from harm. She finds solace in the fact that everyone present knows the truth and encourages herself not to worry.

Anuj and Yashdeep, please go to the PS and request to see Anupama. Anuj assured the officer they would identify the culprit, as Anupama was innocent. Yashdeep adds that he knows her personally. However, the officer denies their request. Anuj explains that he wants to see his friend, who cannot defend herself due to a language barrier. She is not a criminal, and their lawyers are on their way. The officer raises his voice and orders them to leave. Yashdeep then apologizes on behalf of both of them. He takes Anuj aside and advises him to stay calm, reminding him that if he gets arrested, no one will be left to help Anupama. Realizing his mistake, Anuj apologizes to the officer and asks for information about the necessary procedure.

Baa inquires why Anupama committed this act. Kinjal explains that her mother is not capable of stealing the necklace. Baa points out that the necklace was found in Anupama’s bag. She suggests that perhaps Anupama was forced to do so out of desperation and needed money. Vanraj proposes that she may have become accustomed to a lavish lifestyle, resorted to theft, and speculates that she did it to seek retribution against Anuj. Kinjal urges them to stop making assumptions and shares details about Anupama’s struggles. However, Toshu interjects angrily, declaring he doesn’t want to hear anything further. Meanwhile, Anuj informs the police that Anupama was in the spice and chutney shop throughout, indicating that she couldn’t have gone elsewhere. The officer assures them that she will consider this information.

Anupama’s criminal number, along with a photo, is captured. Anuj joins her and breaks down in tears. As “Waqt ne kiya” plays, Anupama and Anuj are in tears. He signals for her to stop crying, but she continues to sob as she looks at him. Yashdeep arrives with the lawyer, and Aadhya calls him back. Yashdeep urges him to go and speak, assuring him he will handle things. He reassures Anupama that they will not let anything wrong happen to her. She asks about Toshu, but Yashdeep explains that the police are not allowing visitors. He expresses his concern for Toshu’s emotional state, with his personal and professional life on the line. Anupama feels disheartened that her son did not come to see her during this difficult time.


Toshu asks Anupama what is the connection between Anupama, the necklace, and you. The officer tells Anupama, no bail, you will go to prison.

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