Anupama 20th March 2023 Written Episode Update


In todays episode we see Toshu finally getting better. The Shah family is preparing for Holi.

Anupama is happy that Devika and Dheeraj are getting married at last.  She has forgotten her own pains after hearing the good news.  Devika tells her that they made their decision after seeing Anuj and Anupama but now she is having second thoughts after seeing their present condition. 

Anupama convinces her that Anuj still loves her a lot. She says that Anuj is broken just now and that is why he is behaving abnormally.  He still loves her a lot.  Anupama tells Devika that Dheeraj is a very nice man and he will keep Devika happy.  Devika tells Anupama that Anuj will have to forget his anger or else it will affect their relationship.  She says we will change his mood tomorrow on the occasion of Holi.

Paakhi reminds everyone that its Pari’s first holi and also her first after marriage.  She wished Anupama had not suffered so much.  If things were different then it would be Little Anu’s first holi with them.  With Anuj and Anupama being so unhappy they will not be celebrate.  Kavya says she has learned from Anupama that that being constantly sad only increases sadness.  We don’t know when things will get normal but we can start taking baby steps towards normal life.  Kinjal says if they get out of the house and divert their minds things may get better.  Hasmukh also agrees with them.

Toshu is back from his physio therapy.  Kinjal is eager to know if physiotherapy is making any difference.  Vanraj shows by handing a glass of water to Toshu and Toshu lifts his hand to take the glass and drink the water.  Everyone is thrilled.  Toshu says this had happened because of the family specially Kinjal.  They decide not to inform Anupama about Toshu’s progress and give her a surprise when she comes home the next day to celebrate Holi.

At the Kapadia House, everyone is silent at the dining table.  Dheeraj and Devika try to lighten the mood. Barkha says that Anuj and Anupama are a great couple and an inspiration for everyone.  Dimple says that they taught her to forget bad experiences and move on in life.  They should also try to move on.

Paakhi and Adhik go to Vanraj to ask him to celebrate Holi with them.  Vanraj says he will do anything for them but does not like celebrating Holi.  Kavya enters and tells him that Holi is to be celebrated with family.  When he again refuses Kavya tells him to keep himself locked in the room and let the others play with whoever they want to. Vanraj thinks of Anirudh.  Kavya with a smile tells him that if he joins then Holi will be celebrated with him otherwise…..

Hasmukh phones Anupama.  From her voice he guesses that she is not happy.  Anupama replies in monosyllables.  Hasmukh tells her that the children will not be happy if they don’t come.  Anupama tells Anuj that Bapuji has invited them for Holi.  Ankush and Barkha reply that they will all come.  Devika speaks to Bapuji on the phone and tells him that she will bring everyone to the Shah house for Holi.  Anuj angrily gets up and tells everyone that if they wish they can go but don’t force him.

Anupama is stressed and starts eating chillies.

Jeeye to Jeeye Kaise Bin aapke .. this song is playing in the background.  Anupama and Anuj are sitting quietly on the bed.  Anupama slowly goes towards Anuj and when he tries to get away she holds him tight and cries. She tells him that we will go tomorrow for Holi.  We also have to prepare for the wedding.  She also mentioned that Maaya had called to say that she will let them speak to Little Anu sometimes because if they speak daily then the child will miss them more. 

Anupama requests Anuj to forget everything and move on with life.   Anuj says it is easy for her to celebrate holi, prepare for the wedding,.  He asks her how she has forgotten everything so soon and moved on with life as if nothing has ever happened.  She can do what she wants, celebrate holi, go shopping. He will not stop her.  She says its Devika and Dheeraj’s wedding.  They have stood by their side always so we should be part of their celebrations.  Anuj requests not to be forced.  He again tries going out of the room and when Anupama stops him he says he cannot sleep by her side and walks away angrily.

 Jeeye to Jeeye Kaise Bin aapke …. Anupama hugs Anuj’s pillow and cries.

Coming up next.  Anupama is with the Shah family.  They are all dancing and celebrating Holi.  She is waiting for Anuj.

At the Kapadia House Dheeraj is convincing Anuj go to Anupama because she will not be able to celebrate without him.

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