Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Abhir tells Akshara that she had a dream that some thugs came to attack him and he kept calling out to his dad.   But instead of his dad Doc Man came to his rescue. He tells Akshara that his Docman protected him just like a father.  In his dream, he thought that Docman is his father.  Akshara shouts at him and warns him not to talk about the dream ever again. 

Abhir wishes Akshara.  Neelima asks Akshara to go ahead with Abhinav and she will stay back with Abhir.  Abhir gives Akshara a good luck band but he does not tell her that Abhimanyu has given him the band.

Abhimanyu tries entertaining Roohi and does the moonwalk for her.  She tells him to go to the moon and do a moonwalk there. She tells him that she knows that he is trying to cheer her up.  She knows that he does not want her to go to the hostel.  Roohi gives Abhimanyu the good luck band that Abhir had given her.

Akshara gets a call and she is shocked after hearing the person on the other end of the phone.

Shefali talks to Aarohi and tells her experiences after sending her son to the hostel.  She tells Aarohi it’s not easy and pleads with Aarohi not to send Roohi to the hostel.  Aarohi asks why Shefali sent Shibu to the hostel if she is not happy without him.  She is about to tell Aarohi the reason when Parth walks in and tells Shefali to go and search for a file.  Aarohi looks at them shocked and trying to figure out what Shefali was trying to say.

Parth manhandles Shefali and tells her that every marriage has a problem.  He does not like to hit her but she forces him to be brutal.  He tells her to stop behaving like a victim.  Shefali replies by saying she is a victim.  Because of his domestic violence and despicable behaviour.  Because of his anger, she lives in fear.  Because of his anger, she had to send her son to the hostel.  Because of her anger, she had to put on make-up to hide her bruises.  Parth gives her a tight slap.  Just then Abhimanyu comes there and is shocked to see Parth hitting his wife.  Abhimanyu remembers the conversation with Shefali on the phone when she denied that something was wrong and she was crying because she was missing her son.

Abhimanyu lifts Shefali and gives her a handkerchief to wipe her tears.  He says the man who beats his wife is a very weak man.  Abhimanyu holds Parth by the collar and asks him how he dared to hit Shefali.  He pulls Parth and takes him downstairs.

Akshara reaches the police station and sees Abhinav in the lockup.  Abhinav tells Akshara that the bag that was left back in the car had drugs in it.  Abhinav tries to tell Akshara to go back and sit for her exams.

Akshara asks the cop what is his offence and questions the cop in a legal language.  She tells him that a man is innocent until proven guilty.  Abhinav is upset that Akshara has skipped her exams and come to the police station to help him.

The cop tells Akshara to prove that the bag does not belong to Abhinav.  She assures the copy that she will get the necessary proof and will not let her husband suffer in lock up while she is there.

Abhinav calls the family.  He tells the family that Parth beat Shefali and he does not know since when this is going on.  Parth asks him to stop his nonsense.  Parth tells Shefali to tell everyone that Abhimanyu is telling a lie.  Abhimanyu pleads with Shefali to tell everyone why Shibu is in hostel and what she is hiding behind her make up.   Mahima says this is a matter between husband and wife and the family should not interfere. If they want the family involved in their matters then they will say so.  Manjiri intervenes saying that when the husband gets abusive and starts beating his wife then the matter is not private anymore.  Anand says that Shefali should tell them the truth and whatever she says will be believed as the final truth.  Shefali is scared and keeps looking at Parth.

Akshara tells the police that after seeing the proof they cannot keep her husband in the lock up so keep the papers ready while she brings the proof.  If they delay his release even for a second after she gets the proof then thing will get complicated for the cops.  The cop tells Akshara to get the proof and he will see about the rest.   Akshara gives Abhinav a reassuring look and leaves.

Abhimanyu requests Shefali to tell the family the truth.  Shefali tells everyone that what Abhimanyu saw was not the truth. Abhimanyu and Manjiri are shocked.  Whereas Parth and Mahima are relieved.  Abhimanyu, Aarohi and Manjiri plead with Shefali to tell the truth and not be scared but she keeps quiet for the sake of her son. 

Parth says that Abhimanyu has lost respect for himself after mistreating Akshara and now to redeem himself he is wrongly blaming Parth to look good in everyones eyes.  Parth says that a person who could not keep up with his first marriage and did not go through his second one has no right to give others lectures on marriage.

Akshara tells Neela amma that somehow they have to prove Abhinav’s innocence and get him out of the lock up.  The cops have for no reason wasted her time.   Akshara remembers Abhinav’s booking diary where he notes down details of all his tourists. Akshara says that if anyone questions Abhinav’s honesty she will not tolerate it.  She will not let any misunderstandings or the police cannot come between her and Abhinav. Akshara finds the diary.


Abhinav asks Akshara to go with him on a date. Their first date.  She says even if it is with their five year old son she will definitely go with him.

While they are out Abhir disappears.

Akshara phones Abhimanyu.

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