Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th April 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

Ashwini realizes that sometimes one must make decisions that others may perceive as wrong, but are actually beneficial for their well-being, similar to taking medicine. Even though it may be bitter, Ashwini wonders if she was too consumed by her love for Virat that she forgot about Pakhi’s pain and neglected her well-being.

In a relationship that holds no meaning, Virat questions if Ashwini ever pondered over his intentions with Pakhi. He agrees that the sudden divorce issue is shocking, but he believes it is not wrong to sever ties that cause pain. Sometimes things may appear good from the outside but feel empty from within. If Ashwini genuinely cares for Pakhi, she should set Virat free from this relationship.

Ashwini blames Bhavani, accusing her of wanting to break their family apart once again, and suggests celebrating her victory. Ninad questions Virat if he thinks locking Sai in a room will make her surrender, wondering if winning her heart is possible through such means. Virat admits that it may not work, but he is willing to try until Sai is present.

Sai recalls her argument with Virat. Saavi asks if they had another fight, leading Virat to get angry and lock them in a room. Sai proposes a game of hide and seek where they attempt to escape the room. Saavi questions how they can escape when the door is locked from the outside. Sai reveals she has an idea just as Virat calls her.

Sai instructs Saavi to speak to her father without revealing their plan, while she figures out an escape route. Virat contacts Saavi apologizes for locking them in the room, and expresses his desire to talk to Saavi’s mother. Saavi informs him that her mother does not want to speak to him.

Virat decides to endure punishment in order to earn forgiveness from Saavi’s mother and starts doing sit-ups. Saavi stops him, stating that her mother doesn’t want to talk to him. Meanwhile, Sai prepares her bags and uses a bedsheet to make a rope on the balcony. Virat emphasizes his love for them, but when he doesn’t hear a response, Sai opens the door and surprises him by escaping through the balcony with Saavi, using the makeshift rope.

Paakhi enters and taunts Virat, mocking his failure to keep Sai under control. He asserts that Sai did wrong and vows to find her wherever she hides. Virat tries to leave, but Paakhi claims she is still his wife and won’t let him chase after another woman. She continues shouting, and he pushes her away before walking off.

Vinu silently observes the drama, while Ashwini notices Virat rushing out and asks where he is going. Virat ignores her and drives away. Sai gets into an auto-rickshaw and leaves.

Sai tends to Paakhi’s wound and tries to calm her down. Bhavani mentions that neither Sai nor Virat are answering their phones. Ashwini blames herself for supporting Virat’s wrongdoings and fears the consequences. Instead of blaming her, Bhavani advises her to worry about her son and offer him support.

Ninad questions how she can justify Virat’s actions, but Bhavani clarifies that she isn’t defending Virat. She urges Ninad to understand that Virat is trying not to repeat his mistakes. He doesn’t want to see his wife leave him and stay away from their children. Paakhi interjects, declaring herself as Virat’s wife and questioning if that’s the reason all this is happening.

Bhavani argues that as long as Paakhi divorces Virat and frees him from their hollow relationship, there shouldn’t be any problem. Paakhi asks Bhavani to treat her like a daughter and allow Virat to marry Sai. Paakhi angrily orders Bhavani to leave, mentioning that everyone knows what she did to Devi. Bhavani walks away, and Paakhi breaks down in tears. Vinu observes silently.


Virat contacts his subordinate to trace Sai’s phone number, but the subordinate informs him that the DIG has ordered him not to use official resources for personal matters.

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