Anupama 11th May 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 11th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

Leela and Hasmukh exit Vanraj’s ICU room and inform Anupama that Vanraj wishes to see her. Hasmukh suggests that she shouldn’t go if she doesn’t want to, but Leela insists that she should since she is here. Vanraj hopes that Anupama comes, and she enters the room. Vanraj expresses gratitude to her for coming and admits that Kavya left him. He takes responsibility for his mistakes, acknowledging that he never valued relationships or showed respect to Anupama and Kavya as they deserved. He reflects on the unpredictability of life and how his recent heart attack has been a wake-up call. Vanraj acknowledges that Anupama’s name is written in his heart and apologizes for everything. However, Anupama clarifies that Kavya didn’t leave voluntarily but was forced to leave by Vanraj. She advises him to move on and focus on embracing a new chapter in life. As Vanraj continues to speak, his heart rate becomes irregular. Concerned, Anupama urges him to rest and takes her leave. Vanraj expresses his gratitude to her.

Back at home, Leela prays for her son’s speedy recovery and asks Hasmukh if he has received a call from Samar. Hasmukh replies in the negative. Leela acknowledges that Hasmukh was right about Anupama being their household’s Laxmi (goddess of wealth and prosperity). She admits that they have done wrong to Anupama and are now facing the consequences.

While Vanraj may be a good son, father, and brother, he has not been a good husband, and he is now facing the repercussions of his actions. Hasmukh points out Leela’s tendency to act good only during difficult times and revert to her old, malicious self when everything settles down. He urges her to stop pretending and understand that Anupama will never accept Vanraj as both of them have made mistakes. Leela argues that there is nothing wrong with desiring happiness for the family and insists that she is not completely wrong.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Paakhi breaks down while remembering Vanraj’s condition. Samar consoles her, and Toshu admits that he has also caused trouble for their father. They reflect on their shortcomings and apologize to each other, acknowledging their failures as children. Kinjal approaches them, wipes their tears, and reminds them that they are still their father’s children. She encourages them to find happiness in order to make their parents happy. They discuss Anuj’s absence and Kinjal suggests contacting Devika to find out more. They realize the need to support their parents and become their pillars of strength.

Kanta informs Bhavesh that she called Devika, but even she and Dheeraj don’t know Anuj’s whereabouts. She prays for Anuj’s well-being and expresses her concern. When Anupama arrives, Kanta advises not to discuss Anuj in front of her as she is more worried about him. Anupama sits tiredly on the couch while Kanta fans her. Kanta asks Anupama about Vanraj’s condition, and Anupama informs her that he had a minor heart attack but will be returning home in a few days. Kanta goes to fetch lemonade for Anupama and contemplates how fate is pushing her towards someone she shouldn’t be with and taking her away from someone she should. Anupama asserts that she went to the hospital for her Hasmukh and children, emphasizing that she doesn’t need Vanraj or Anuj anymore. The next day, Vanraj returns home, and Leela performs an aarti to welcome him. The family urges him to rest, but Vanraj insists on working to support the family financially. Anupama contemplates how responsibilities never let a person rest, acknowledging the truth in Vanraj’s words. Leela instructs Samar and Toshu to hide their father’s laptop, and Vanraj asks Anupama to come inside.

Although hesitant, Anupama reluctantly enters the house. Paakhi and Samar present Vanraj with a greeting, and Leela asks Anupama to prepare khichdi for him. Anupama refuses, prompting Leela to offer to make tea for everyone. As the family leaves, Vanraj and Anupama find themselves alone. Anupama attempts to leave, but Vanraj asks her to stay, expressing his fear of something happening to him after the heart attack. Anupama reassures him and promises to be there for their children and his parents. Vanraj seeks her promise, explaining that he trusts only her.


Anupama shares with Kanta that Kinjal has successfully secured her admission to Guruma Malti Devi’s Gurukul. Anupama prepares herself to embark on this new chapter in her life, filled with excitement and anticipation for the journey ahead.


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