Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 27th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Vedika, Saraswathi, and Koyal Face Off with Criminals

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Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 27th June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

Upon being warned by the criminal to open the door, Vedika suggests they prevent the criminals from entering by blocking it from the outside. Using Gautham’s portrait as a shield, they reach the door and successfully place a chair in front of it. The criminals continue to threaten them but without success. As soon as they enter the store, Saraswathi urges Vedika to call Sagar for help. However, Koyal objects, stating that the three can handle the situation themselves. Vedika disagrees, saying that violence should not be used and instead, they should focus on identifying the criminals.

Koyal notices a notebook on the floor and picks it up. She asks Saraswathi who it belongs to before they duck for cover when a rock is thrown at them. Saraswathi reveals that the sacks contain spices, prompting Vedika to join in cleaning them with Koyal. As she helps, Koyal asks Saraswathi if all the sacks have spices. Upon seeing three fans, Vedika suggests they can use them to accomplish their task. Koyal confirms this with Saraswathi, and Vedika agrees to the plan, turning to ask if Saraswathi will also support them. With everyone on board, they prepare everything as Koyal opens the door…only to be faced with the entry of the criminals who are determined to find the girl.

Saraswathi checks with the girls to see if they are prepared. Vedika declares it is time to give the criminals a taste of their medicine. Together, they switch on the fan, causing a flurry of spices to fly into the criminals’ eyes. The women warn them of potential consequences, but when the criminals continue their attack, the girls retaliate by throwing stones at them. Some of the criminals fall to the ground while others try to sneak up from behind. Vedika swiftly throws spices at one attacker, and Saraswathi uses her stick to defend herself. As another criminal approaches from a different direction, Koyal joins in the fight and manages to throw spices onto his head. In fear, all of the criminals fled from the scene.

Koyal says she enjoyed a lot and what they did the criminals, Vedika can’t believe they did all, and Saraswathi is worried, but they all get shocked when they see the gun fire. When the criminal asks if they can escape, Vedika realizes they are all searching for her since Dayal got bail.

As Vedika crawls under the bed, she prays to GhatuSham Ji to keep Saraswathi and Koyal safe. She can’t help but wonder where Sagar Maheshwari is at this crucial moment. The criminal’s demands for her to come out of hiding continue while he searches around with his companion. The sound of his knife hitting boxes and sacks echoes throughout the room.

As one of the attacks approaches, Vedika manages to evade it. However, she is unable to escape from the next one. Suddenly, Sagar appears by her side and swiftly moves her out of harm’s way. Concerned for her well-being, he asks if she is okay. Surprised, Vedika questions how he recognized her, but he reveals that her eyes gave away her identity – they were filled with intense anger. In a bold move, Sagar removes the mask from her face. When he insists he is telling the truth, Vedika retorts that it’s not a joke. Suddenly, they hear the criminal’s voice calling out to them before quickly running for it.

Sagar and Vedika are standing near the rack. He inquires about Chachi’s whereabouts while she questions why he didn’t answer her calls. Suddenly, the criminals reappear, wielding a gun. Through quick thinking, Sagar disarms the criminal and overpowers him. Saraswathi is relieved to see Sagar take control, but Vedika stops him from using the weapon. In a split-second decision, Sagar aims and fires next to the criminal’s head, causing him to flee. Meanwhile, the other criminal sneaks up behind Sagar but is soon stopped by Koyal with her sword drawn and asking for his intentions.

Sagar rushes to hug Saraswathi when she hits him in the head with the stick, which causes him to fall unconscious. When Sagar says they must leave, they all slowly walk out but are attacked by the criminals. Vedika and Koyal also begin fighting with Sagar. The glass hits Saraswathi in the face, resulting in an injury. Sagar runs to her when she says she is fine. When she sees Koyal’s bloody hand, she is shocked.

Vedika also gets injured in the head, so they all run to her. Sagar asks Koyal to take care of Vedika while he starts fighting with the criminals alone. He asks who sent them, and Himmat replies. Sagar is furious. Saraswathi asks who these people are since Vedika has been hurt and the point of attacking her. Sagar replies that she wasn’t their target. Vedika reveals they came for her, and she falls unconscious.

Saraswathi and Koyal are attending to Vedika’s injuries as she was attacked. Saraswathi cannot fathom that Digvijay would resort to violence over a piece of land; when Koyal mentions the ongoing court case, Sagar immediately suggests taking Vedika to the hospital. While leaving with Vedika, Saraswathi mentions how much she and Digvijay dislike each other. Sagar asks if Koyal knows Dayal Singh, to which she responds by revealing her acquaintance with the jailer. When Sagar questions her commanding tone, he reminds her of their mutual concern for Dayal’s safety. In the car, Saraswathi contemplates how Digvijay must be held accountable for his actions.

Opening the door, Saraswathi angrily calls Digvijay and asks what the need for all this is. Digvijay asks. Since when did she begin talking in such a loud voice? No voice is allowed outside the room except Maa’s in this house. Saraswathi replies she hasn’t forgotten anything, but when something goes wrong, Rajeshwari asks when Saraswathi changed her saree. Digvijay asks her to clarify. Saraswathi then turns and asks her to come in. Vedika begins walking toward Digvijay.


Despite Rajeshwari’s claim that Sagar is her son, Saraswathi slaps Sagar and tells Vedika that she is not her daughter.

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