Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th July 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th July 2023 Written Update on

Abhimanyu sends Abhir’s pic to Abhinav because he is thinking of him. He cries as soon as he sees the picture and zooms in to see the shoes. Akshara asks Akshara if she went to give Abhir his school shoes. She says she just gave them to him, I could not meet him, we used to get him ready for school. He says Abhimanyu sent his pic, Abhir looks great, check it out. I feel relieved to see my son wearing the same shoes. I was worried about him and my result, so I feel relieved to see his smile.

He says I forgot, you should have told me. She says I didn’t want to create tension, if I failed. He says you will pass. Shefali says Shivansh is coming back. Mahima says he is coming home forever, Manjiri I’m bringing my grandson home for my son’s happiness, and you’ve got Abhir for Abhimanyu’s happiness. Anand asks Shefali if you asked her.

The mother says, why don’t I get Shivansh for Parth, maybe Shefali and Parth will give their relationship another shot, Shefali should be happy, her son is coming back. Shefali leaves. Abhimanyu says Tai ji… Mahima says don’t defend knowing what your mom did with Akshara. Abhinav checks the results. Akshara gets tense. She recalls Abhir. Manish says you’ll pass, you’ll get Abhir here. Abhinav says the site has been opened. Akshara steps back.

He says Shivansh will be coming home forever. Ruhi says aha, I’ll make him a butterfly card. Abhimanyu says he’s Parth and Shefali’s son, he’s two years older than you, he’ll stay here, is it okay if he stays in your room? Abhimanyu wards off their bad sight. Abhimanyu gets fruit for them. Abhir says he can never forget his sister. Manjiri asks Abhir to take it. Abhir turns away. Nishta talks to her friend.

Abhir informs the others that he remembers mumma’s roll number and asks if they can check if she passed. Abhimanyu agrees to do so, assuring them that there is no need to worry as she will definitely pass. Ruhi then expresses her desire to congratulate her. After Abhir shares the roll number, Abhimanyu checks it and happily confirms that mumma has indeed passed. Excitedly, Abhir asks for confirmation, to which Abhinav responds by congratulating Akshara on passing with flying colors. Everyone is overjoyed except for Akshara who tells them that while she did pass, it doesn’t feel like a true accomplishment without having Abhir by her side. She acknowledges that now the real challenge begins and she will celebrate only when they are reunited once again.

It is Manjiri’s prayer not to lose Abhir. Abhir says he wants to talk to momma. Abhimanyu offers his phone. Abhir declines and says I will talk later. Abhimanyu asks what happened. Abhir runs. Manjiri says Abhimanyu, I know what you are doing, Abhir will become of Akshara. He says Abhir is of Akshara, she is his mother. He leaves. She says she is scared.

At the courthouse, Akshara and her lawyer engage in a heated argument. Advocate Nyonika arrives and addresses her by name, reassuring her that they are both working on her case. She reminds Akshara that as lawyers, they are equipped to handle the situation and there is no need to panic. Akshara reveals that she recently passed her law exams and is determined to win back custody of her child. She expresses how her family was once happy but is now torn apart. Nyonika empathizes with Akshara, having gone through a similar experience with her own children. She advises Akshara to use her love for her child as motivation and promises to review and file the necessary paperwork. Nyonika assures Akshara that as a mother herself, she understands the importance of winning this battle. Akshara nods in agreement.

He says I spoke to Abhir, but I’m not sure if he’ll agree or not. Manjiri says don’t force him. Abhir comes and says I’m ready to meet momma. Abhimanyu smiles. They return home. Akshara turns to see them. Abhinav watches. Abhimanyu takes Abhir. Akshara opens arms. Abhir stops and gets sad. I know you’re upset, so I suggest you take a break.

Aarohi hugs Akshara and tears. Yeh Rishta…plays… Ruhi jokes. Abhinav says stop it now. Abhir says you both also stop crying. He wipes their tears. Akshara is hugged and congratulated by Aarohi. She asks how I studied so much. Akshara says I can’t be as hard as you can. Congratulation, Ruhi says we’ll cut a cake. Akshara says next time.

Akshara and Abhir cut the cake. Everyone claps. Dadi says we now have a lawyer in our house, we can fight with anyone. Manish laughs. Abhimanyu says congrats and Akshara thanks him. Surekha says he’s a good doctor, so you have to hurt and then apply it. He says sorry, I got to know about mum, I can’t change her actions, but I can forgive her. Akshara says sorry, I can’t accept this apology.


Akshara smiles. Manjiri says I don’t find this right. Akshara asks Abhimanyu where her son is. You said you would get him home. He hasn’t arrived yet.

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