Barsatein 30th November 2023 Written Episode | Reyansh and Aradhana’s Intense Confrontation Unleashes Secrets!


Barsatein 30th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aradhana says she will enjoy her Sangeet. She plays the Dhol. Malini and Bhakti dance with her. Aradhana becomes dizzy. Jai holds her. He asks Aradhana to stop it now. Kriti says that Jai saved her life. You all will know the result of giving the society to Reyansh. He will be able to buy you all, but not me. Reyansh and Jai argue. Nita watches. Bhakti asks Reyansh to leave. She takes Aradhana with her.

As Kriti and Varun discuss Aradhana, they both acknowledge her intelligence and the scale of her plan. She has managed to win over both guys, so they suggest eliminating the competition. However, when Varun mentions that Jai is his brother, Kriti reminds him that she is no one to him. Despite this, Varun admits his preference for older women, but Kriti assures him she is not too old for him. In return for her help in their shared goal, Varun promises to always be there for her and adds that he enjoys a bit of entertainment in life. Kriti agrees and Bhakti apologizes to Nita while Harsh chats with the neighbors. Jai can’t contain his smile as he sees Aradhana approaching. The song “Din shagna da” starts playing…

Varun fetches Jai’s phone and sends a message to Reyansh, requesting him to meet up. He inwardly apologizes while Reyansh assumes that he wants to give him a lecture. Meanwhile, Kriti interrupts their conversation and informs Reyansh that their mother is calling for him. Aradhana also speaks up, saying she was about to mention it as well. Kriti reassures them that they should not worry and that the food is excellent, which will keep everyone happy. After Aradhana leaves, Varun locks both Reyansh and her in the room and texts Kriti. Aradhana questions if she was summoned by Reyansh, but he denies it and insists he did it for their sake. However, Aradhana does not want to hear it from him. Varun and Kriti overhear their argument and dub it as boring chit-chat.

Varun excitedly tells everyone that he has connected something to the speaker and they will soon hear Reyansh and Aradhana talking. Aradhana scolds Reyansh, but their argument continues. Jai intervenes and asks them to come out because everyone is waiting for them. Varun then reveals that the mic was on in the room where they were arguing, causing Aradhana to worry. The guests start discussing Kadambari’s affair. Jai tries to diffuse the situation, but Reyansh retorts that this is what Jai wanted and congratulates Aradhana for becoming just as toxic as him. The song “O saajna” starts playing…

He leaves. Jai says you don’t have to fall to his level, he is more than my brother, his mum’s past is traumatizing for him, you shouldn’t have mentioned it to him. Aradhana cries and says yes, I have told a lot and hurt him a lot. Aradhana says it’s okay, he’s my brother, I care for him, he’s hurting much. Malini advises them not to take tension, Aradhana has told the truth.

She cries and says she misses Kimaya. They hug. Everyone dances in the Sangeet. Jai asks for Aradhana’s hand. Reyansh joins in and dances with Aradhana. Kriti smiles. Everyone watches.


The truth must be brought out at the right time. Aradhana’s mehendi ceremony is over. She finds Reyansh’s name in her mehendi.

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