Kavya 30th May 2024 Written Episode: Adi Confronts Kavya, Shubh’s Revelation, and Giriraj’s Secret Plan


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Kavya urges Adi to be honest about his thoughts. Adi then questions if her actions were solely for his benefit. He reminds her of their positions as MLA and SDM. Adi expresses his disappointment that Kavya intervened to save him, allowing the Sachivalay officials to mock him. He also mentions feeling betrayed by her lack of trust in him. However, Kavya denies ulterior motives and apologizes sincerely, asking for forgiveness. Adi readily accepts and consoles Kavya, asking her not to cry.

As Santu approaches Adi, he informs him that Shubh has come to see him. Ai and Kavya come to see Shubh. Shubh tells Kavya he came to check on her. Adi tells Shubh he doesn’t need to worry about Kavya since she’s home. Giriraj asks Shubh why he came here. Shubh tells Giriraj that he came to check on Kavya because it is unsuitable for her to be so stressed during pregnancy. Adi asks Shubh how he knows about Kavya’s pregnancy and how he finds out.

In this occasion, Shubh told Kavya there was a cake cutting in the office, and Giriraj commented on Kavya because she had told Shubh everything but had not permitted them to tell anyone. Then Adi says Kavya told him everything and comments on Shubh. Then Shubh leaves, and Adi asks Kavya if there is anything he should know or if he will get it from Shubh. He goes to sleep. Kavya sees it and sleeps beside him.

Giriraj receives a call from Viplav, informing him that all the candidates on the teacher’s list have submitted false information. He mentions that Jeevan Mishra was responsible for creating the list and has jeopardized their plan for personal gain. Giriraj then advises Viplav on their next steps, cautioning him to keep this information hidden from Adi. Malini inquires about Giriraj’s statement regarding Adi, urging him not to involve Adi in any political matters. Giriraj responds to Malini before retiring for the night.

The next day, Kavya serves food to Adi. Kavya explains to Adi that it doesn’t matter whose list is selected and that the good thing should be that good teachers get selected and go to school. Anjali arrives at Pradhan Mansion. Adi greets her and tells Kavya he will meet with her in the evening. Kavya discusses with Anjali and learns that Shubh discovered his pregnancy through Anjali. Later, Kavya meets Giriraj Pradhan.

Viplav says he gave Anjali’s contact information in the form but later corrected it. Giriraj stops talking when he sees Anjali coming and asks if all the money is going to her.


Kavya is shocked to learn that Anjali Bansal is also on this fake bio data teacher’s list, which means she contributed by paying money to get her name on the list. Giriraj takes Anjali’s side and asks Adi and Kavya how they could harshly accuse her of being a criminal. Kavya says to Anjali that she has complicated everything.

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