Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 22nd March 2024 Written Episode: Family Secrets Unveiled

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 22nd March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

In the room, Anousya Baa is reciting the Mantar when Hemraj enters, so she asks who is there, he greets her, she gives her blessings, Hemraj becomes worried, Baa asks what has happened because she can feel him tensed. Hemraj says he will get her eyes treated when she asks why he has so much money he should perform an FD, Hemraj asks what he spoke about with the master, Hemraj asks how she knew of it, she replies that Kunal told her everything.

Hemraj tells him he is discussing the marriage with Nandini. Anousya Baa says Hemraj was finalizing the deal with Sujhan’s daughter, so what’s the need to fix it with Ishwar? Hemraj replies he has never played weak games and wants to end two birds with a single stone as Naren would not go to America while even Ishwar could give him something even Sujhan could not. Baa permits him.

Naren is seated, working with Jigar, when suddenly Ronaq sneaks up from behind to startle them. Jigar questions if he’s forgotten how to knock, to which Ronaq quips that it’s inevitable when sharing a cabin with three brothers. Feeling famished, Jigar requests one of them to share their meal. However, both Naren and Ronaq declined, and Jigar retired. Ronaq points out that it’s hard to be hungry amid happiness. Naren acknowledges that Ronaq was treated unjustly but clarifies that it doesn’t automatically make their father biased.

Ronaq is questioning the motives of those involved in Naren’s marriage, expressing disappointment in how everything has turned out. Naren defends the actions of those around them, acknowledging that people can change over time. However, Ronaq is skeptical and compares it to the saying about a cat trying to become pure after eating one hundred mice. He points out that even Hemraj, who had a different stance on the situation, has changed his mind. While Naren scolds Hemraj for this, Ronaq reminds him that Hemraj will do anything to ensure Naren marries Sujhan’s daughter. This revelation upset Naren, questioning why Ronaq did not stand up for their love. If he had done so, things would have been different, and their sister-in-law Rupa would not have faced such difficulties now.

Virel joins Chanchal Bhabhi on the couch, inquiring about her anxiousness now that Hemraj has agreed to the marriage and called them. Chanchal expresses concern over what might transpire during the negotiations. Virel is puzzled when Chanchal mentions the trend of daughters-in-law bringing hefty dowries and worries about the possibility of the new bride being unable to contribute. Just then, Kinjil enters and interjects that it would be a positive change, apologizing for eavesdropping. She adds that it could set a good precedent.

Chanchal expresses confusion about the customs, to which Kinjil responds by questioning how one can be considered impure if they touch her. Chanchal explains that she is young, and Kinjil asks if she is not mature enough to assist with household tasks such as cooking. Chanchal clarifies that she is eighteen and can make decisions, including choosing the prime minister. Kinjil suggests that Chanchal can support her once Nandini comes to their house. As Kinjil leaves, Chanchal questions Virel about when she started speaking so harshly. Virel responds that they feel offended because Chanchal is telling the truth.

Hemraj walks into the room where Ishwar and Mehul stand. He reminds them of the potential consequences of a single mistake, causing losses worth crores. However, he reassures them that he will not force anything upon them. Even though Naren and Nandini’s relationship may still be uncertain, their kinship is inevitable. Ishwar expresses his willingness to fulfill Hemraj’s wishes for the sake of his daughter. With a hug, Hemraj welcomes Ishwar as his future father-in-law. Meanwhile, Mehul is summoned to receive blessings from Hemraj as well.

Hemraj acknowledges that Ishwar’s actions for his niece are not easy for a father. He suggests waiting for Ishwar to make a specific request before sharing the room’s events with others. Hemraj questions the need for girls to know about it, but Mehul reminds him that Nandini has faced unique challenges and is willing to defy expectations. Hemraj adds that even Naren should not be informed, and Ishwar promises that it will be kept secret as long as it happens before the wedding.

Hemraj introduces Ishwar and Mehul to Anousya Baa, saying he is glad he has fixed the relationship with Nandini and that the whole family is pleased. Heta believes she knew Nandini would bring about change. Anousya Baa asks what about Sujhan when Hemraj says nothing is more important than the happiness of their children, while Chanchal urges Samta to get sweets. Baa says they should even set the marriage date, and Hemraj agrees.

Naren was sitting when Kinjil called and announced that his life had changed. Excitedly, he agreed to her suggestion of having a party but clarified that he needed constant updates to follow through with the celebration. Later, when Naren considered reaching out to Nandini, he nervously dialed her number. In a tense exchange, she asked if he had found any information. Worriedly, Naren admitted that he didn’t know what to say. When she pressed for an explanation, he reluctantly revealed that his father had rejected the idea of their marriage.

Nandini’s emotions start to overwhelm her, and she is on the verge of tears, but Naren quickly interjects, telling her not to cry. He reassures her that he is only joking and that his father has approved their marriage. Nandini questions if this was a joke, to which Naren admits he just wanted to see her reaction. As she expresses her disappointment in seeing the negative side of things, Naren encourages her to focus on the positives. Just then, Manri arrives and takes the phone from Nandini. Naren greets Manri with enthusiasm while she shares her anxiety about what may have transpired. In response, Naren informs her that they are discussing wedding dates, and his father has given his blessing. Manri politely ends the call after expressing her relief.

With a smile on her face, Manri rushes over to Nandini. They are both enjoying the moment. Nandini expresses her excitement, while Manri admits she can barely contain herself. The two embrace each other tightly. Overcome with emotion, Manri exclaims that she can hardly believe what is happening. She lovingly places a black tika on Nandini’s forehead. Nandini reminds her that he eventually agreed to their plans. Manri turns towards the Mandir and thanks Ishwar for his blessings, praying that Nandini’s happiness remains unscathed by any evil eye. When Ishwar watches over them, Nandini wonders how anyone could wish ill.

Nandini shares that Naren Ji has been talking, but Manri interrupts and requests her to refrain from mentioning his name. Despite Nandini’s assurance that she is not concerned, Manri continues to bring up his name. Eventually, Manri suggests that Nandini should stop this behavior, to which she questions the issue by referring to him. As the argument escalates, Manri clarifies that this tradition is harmless, and Nandini should not hesitate to call him by name. In response, Nandini explained that she could not address him in such a manner. Manri jokingly advises Nandini to have many children and then refers to Naren as their father. This statement prompts Nandini to leave the room abruptly and seek her mother’s advice. Amused by the situation, Manri exclaims that she cannot contain her excitement and must share it with everyone.

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