Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 3rd February 2024 Written Episode Update: Vandana Defends Tara’s Presence at Party

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 3rd February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kunal scolding the guard and entering the party hall. Vedika says Tara wanted to go there. She gets a message. She says Kunal and Vandana will take Tara to the party. Pammi asks why. Vedika says don’t worry, they’ll handle Tara. Samaira enjoys the party. Kunal and Vandana bring Tara there. She wins the round. She gives the card to Samaira. She meets all her friends. She says we will have fun. Anju says Tara isn’t invited here.

Vandana says we have come to talk and that you wish to invite the guests. We apologize for the reasons you gave. She explains to Anju. Samaira asks why you did not invite Tara, my best friend. She asks them to answer. Kunal says you didn’t invite Tara because Sonia and I divorced. Vandana explains the divorce to the kids. Vandana lectures Anju to judge Kunal.

According to her, Kunal ended his marriage and married me. As a result, I am now Tara’s mother. In my opinion, there should not be any issue with this situation. How does Tara’s character suddenly become negative? Will this hurt your children? I am not suggesting that divorce is an easy decision, but it should not be treated like a contagious disease. The root of the problem lies in one’s beliefs and comprehension. Let me ask you, what exactly is divorce? It is simply a change in marital status. This does not make a child inherently good or bad. Tara conducts herself well and has always been helpful to others. She has never shown disrespect towards anyone, and we have never received any complaints about her behavior. She truly embodies caring qualities. I cannot help but praise her for that.

They love Tara and say Samaira is lucky to have her as a friend. Vandana says I can’t let Samaira suffer. Anju and her husband ask Samaira to join them in the cake-cutting, and they apologize to Kunal and Vandana. Kunal says you are exceptional. Vandana says you are the best, Tara. They hug Tara. Tara goes to her friends. Kunal smiles when he sees Vandana.

As she asks what happened, Kunal becomes emotional and hugs her. Ye patange….plays… Kunal thanked Vandana for everything. You have not only handled Tara, but you have also healed my wound, you are a magician, the world needs people like you, whoever has you is lucky. He hugs her. Vandana smiles and holds him tight. Bolo na…plays…. They go home. Tara is happy. Vandana smiles, recalling Kunal and her hug. Adha ishq….plays….

Kunal asks Vandana where she is lost. Vandana looks at him. She says nothing. She smiles.


Kunal holds Vandana in his arms. Music plays…

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