Main Hoon Saath Tere 2nd June 2024: Janvi Questions Sacrifices, Kian Gets New Father Figure?

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 2nd June 2024 Written Episode Update on

In response to her inner self questioning why she has sacrificed all her dreams and life goals for Kian, Janvi says that sacrifice has become a part of her life and that she will marry someone she does not love. In response to her inner self’s question about how she will endure a loveless marriage, Janvi replies, “I’ll manage just like I have for Kian.”

When Janvi tells Kian she wants to discuss something important, Pushkar interrupts, asking why Kian must give her permission to talk about Sadhu. Pushkar insists the wedding will proceed because Sadhu is helping to restore their reputation. He warns Kian, but Janvi intervenes. Sadhu warns Pushkar that he won’t treat his son this way again.

The Pushkar explains to Sadhu that he only wants to talk to Kian. When Reva and Dadi arrive, Janvi asks why they are there. Dadi explains that Sadhu came to get their blessings since Janvi had agreed to marry him, and she gives Sadhu a gold chain. Upon asking Janvi if the adoption process can begin soon, Sadhu enthuses the Joshi family. Kian seeks clarification from Aryaman, unsure what adoption means.

In a call to Aryaman, Suyesh informs him that Brij Bhushan has asked him to investigate the escort racket at the hotel. Aryaman accepts. Using a kitten as an example, Aryaman explains that just as Kian wants to take care of the kitty, Sadhu wants to take care of him. He tells Kian that he will have a father.

Later, Sadhu asks Kian to get a glass of water, to which Kian agrees. When Sadhu’s shirt is stained with mud by a football, Karthik comes to retrieve it. Sadhu responds by puncturing the ball with a knife. Kian, seeing this, calls Sadhu an evil uncle. Janvi arrives, and Kian tells her what happened.

In response, Kian complains to Janvi that Sadhu punctured Karthik’s ball. Sadhu explains that he intended to pay for it, but Kian overreacted. He then gives the ball to Kian and sends him on his way.

Later, Sadhu asks Dadi to take Kian shopping, and Dadi agrees. Janvi, finding out from Dadi that Sadhu took Kian shopping, expresses frustration because she wants to speak to Kian about Sadhu and criticizes Dadi for sending him away.


Kian shows his clothes to Janvi during a video call. Janvi notices a girl in the background and informs Aryaman about her. Aryaman rushes to the mall to find the girl. Upon his arrival, Kian hugs Aryaman, who asks him to step aside as he’s looking for someone. Kian sees the photo and recognizes the girl, saying he saw her with Sadhu, sitting on his lap in the trial room.

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