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Suhaagan 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode opens with an angry Payal arriving home, as Bindiya fills Dadi in on Amy’s situation. Meanwhile, Madan instructs the officer to review the file and leaves. As he exits, the officer’s wife discovers Bindiya’s note while unpacking her tiffin and begins to read it. Impressed by her sharpness, Madan continues on his way. Later, Kaka informs Bindiya that they have been summoned to the officer’s office tomorrow regarding her letter. Bindiya is overjoyed by this news. Phoolmati then cautions Amy about the potential repercussions of being discovered in their house. On the other hand, Madan shares with Lallan that he is not worried about Bindiya’s letter; she holds no power over him. However, undeterred by Madan’s attitude, Bindiya remains positive that she will meet with the officer and resolve their water issue.

When Bindiya arrives at the farm, she asks someone what time it is. The guy says 9:30 pm. She goes to the village and discovers that Lallan has severely beaten the villagers. They blame her. Kaka remarks that you were fortunate to escape unscathed, while we endured a brutal beating. Someone else suggests that she confront Lallan and Mama in a fight. She empathizes with them and ultimately chooses to embark on a solitary mission to protect her farm and home.

When Amy insults Payal in school, she asks her friends to call her jhooti. If she wants to become friends with Amy, she needs to steal the phone. Amy inquires why Payal didn’t respond when Bindiya insulted her. Payal replies that she has chosen not to engage with Bindiya anymore. Amy playfully challenges Payal to swipe the phone if she’s determined to make amends with her.

Amad and Lallan tell the officer that the villagers won’t be coming to the city and that the officer should go there. The officer says the villagers might not come now. Suddenly Bindiya comes to him and tells him that Mama and Lallan are troubling her. The officer asks about the villagers. Bindiya tells him that she doesn’t lie and swears on Amba Maa. He refuses to believe her and leaves. Madan and Lallan laugh at her.

Phoolmati asks Amy if the work is done. Amy says Payal is just walking. Payal goes to the teacher’s room, and picks up the teacher’s phone. There is a call. Payal sees it, but the teacher takes it. Payal thinks about Bindiya’s words and steals the phone.

Madan informs Bindiya that not even her Ambe Maa can save her today. Feeling despondent, Bindiya exits the scene. The officer intervenes and requests her to halt. Meanwhile, Madan and Lallan emerge with anxious expressions. Madan exclaims, “You’re back!” The officer responds, “I haven’t come alone. I’ve brought everyone with me.” They are surprised to see all the villagers gathered there. Bindiya greets them, to which Kaka remarks that she is displaying bravery instead of fearfully staying at home. The officer instructs them to provide a detailed account of the events. Hearing this, they narrate everything that happened. Amy witnesses Payal stealing the teacher’s wallet while filming a video of the incident. Without delay, the officer contacts the inspector and reports two criminals on site, urging him to take them away. As Lallan and Madan try to flee, they are apprehended by the villagers. Threateningly, Madan vows to seek revenge from Bindiya. However, the officer assures her that Chiraiya Village will no longer face water shortages under his watchful eye. Grateful for his support, Bindiya expresses


As Phoolmati brings Payal there and informs him that she has stolen many things, the Sarpanch and the villagers praise Bindiya for her bravery.

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