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A few minutes before Bindiya begins to call others, Payal bites Krish’s hand and keeps her hand on his mouth, and asks Bindiya why she is creating drama, and if I can’t use the washroom peacefully. Bindiya says sorry. Payal asks her to go and says she’ll see Krish in five minutes. Bindiya says okay.

Payal says I’m in the washroom and asks how do I know? Bindiya apologizes and leaves. Payal tells Krish she’ll keep the same answer. Krish says let’s see what happens next. Krish opens the door and pushes her out. She thinks her answer is yes, just waiting for tomorrow.

The father asks where Payal is? Baldev ji has arranged a car for us. Payal comes there and says she lost her way, but Baldev says it’s visible. Once in the car, Bindiya waits for Krishna ji and asks God to make her meet him once if her love is sincere. When the car starts, Krish runs behind the car, shocking his family.

Krish continues to run behind the car. Payal thinks Krish might tell something. Krish calls the driver. He stops the car. Krish asks Bindiya how she can leave without meeting him. Dadi says that’s why Bindiya was sad. Krish tells him Bindiya will be his tomorrow. He asks Payal to take care of his safety. Payal calls him Jiju and says she will. They leave.

Dadi, Phoolmati and others are informed that Indiya has kept rice, wheat, and other items in the canisters. As she hugs Dadi, Payal thinks Bindiya will be here only, and says that the place is not far. She tells Phoolmati that she made matri to eat with tea, and that she has made besan laddoo for Payal, and asks her to bring it to college. Baldev is supposed to read the letter, according to Payal.

Baldev takes his clothes for dry cleaning and looks for the letter, but it is not there. When Indu finds the letter, she is about to open it when she hears something break. As Baldev exits the washroom, he finds the letter. He thinks Indu left it. He reads it and gets shocked and reddened.

As a result of Krish’s words, Bindiya tells Payal that he will not let her sleep. Payal says she will get dark circles. Bindiya asks what that is. Payal says she doesn’t know and goes to sleep. Bindiya prays to God and sleeps. Nikku seems useless to Payal. Krish’s papa must read the letter, otherwise it will be too late.

A villager lady grinds the haldi for Bindiya’s haldi. Payal gets upset. Bindiya comes for her haldi ritual. The Banarasiya song plays…Bindiya comes for her haldi in her house. Krish comes for his haldi. The song plays…

Bindiya is blessed by dadi and gets up. Phoolmati notices Payal tensed and asks her to apply haldi to her. Bindiya applies haldi to her nose and says you’ll marry soon. Phoolmati applies her haldi to Payal, who says she will marry sooner than you think.

Sakshi brings a tube of haldi paste, but Baldev insists on using freshly ground haldi. Sakshi protests that the ready-made option is just as good. Meanwhile, Payal calls Nikku, who signals to Krish to answer the call. Nikku picks up and assures Payal that everything is fine. She inquires about the haldi ceremony, and Nikku informs her of its progress. Payal believes Nikku is useless and contemplates going to Krish’s house to see what’s going on because of the letter. As this transpires, Indu applies haldi to Krish.


A letter from Baldev is found in Payal’s suitcase. Baldev signs and tells the lawyer that he has taken this decision to secure Krish’s future. Payal hears them indiscovery, and thinks, “Bindi, your marriage is over.”.

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