Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 27th July 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 27th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The scene unfolds as Reyansh and Aradhana arrive at the office. He expresses his concern about Kadambari’s behaviour, prompting Aradhana to fetch a towel to dry his hair. Afterwards, she returns with coffee and he takes her hand in his, reminiscing about their shared moments. As he presents her with a ring, he confesses his love for her. Despite his fears of being toxic and not knowing how to love, he wants to be with her. She accepts the ring as they embrace, and she tells him that she wants to be his source of happiness and safety.

As Aradhana approaches, he confirms, “Are you sure?” She nods in response as the song “Kaise kahun…” begins to play. They become intimate while Kadambari apologizes to the guests. Vivek reassures her by saying, “Don’t worry, I’ll handle things here. Just let me know when you’re feeling better.” She admits that nothing happened to her physically, but Reyansh is still upset. He understands her emotions and says, “Something may have triggered those old memories. It’s okay, Reyansh will be fine. You don’t need to explain anything.” She acknowledges, “I didn’t have the courage today…I wish I could be brave like you.” He comforts her by saying that her past overpowered her and it’s alright if she needs time to heal. He invites her back home whenever she feels ready.

It is morning, and Aradhana and Reyansh wake up. She says I’ll go home, Dad will kill me. He says I love you, don’t say anything. She says I love you as well. In his words, he says, he has never felt love in his life, he doesn’t want to lose that feeling, he tells me to grab happiness, will you come with your parents today? I don’t want to waste time, I love you very much, tell your dad I want to meet you.

Her answer is okay, I will try. Main teri hogai…plays… He sees the camera and says oh, it was on. He says you started kissing me while I was drunk. She asks him to destroy the chip. He says I’m your boss, and I hold all control. She says I trust you. He says I’ll look at it once and destroy it. She says shut up. They hug.

Reyansh approached Vivek, reminding him of their previous conversation. Vivek replied that he was aware and had nothing to excuse this time. Reyansh questioned the reason behind Vivek’s overexcitement, but Vivek took responsibility for his mistake. Reyansh then challenged Vivek’s loyalty towards someone who had shown no interest in them for 35 years, questioning why he allowed himself to be constantly insulted. In response, Vivek shared that he loved this person and that Reyansh wouldn’t understand his feelings. Reyansh admitted that he finally understood for the first time today but expressed disagreement with Vivek’s viewpoint. Despite this, Reyansh acknowledged the power of love and its ability to blind anyone.

Vivek says you are in love, I’m so happy. Reyansh says I’m getting married, she’s different, she won’t break my heart and manipulate me. Vivek says you made me happy, your son is in love.

Reyansh says I love her, I want you to meet her parents in the evening. Aradhana is with her family. Harsh says they have invited us to meet. Vivek says you’re shy. Kadambari looks on. Aradhana is with her family. Harsh says they called us to meet. If you want to see how much we love you, we have to meet them, and I want you to understand true love because what you are experiencing isn’t true love. Aradhana says Reyansh wants you to meet Vivek, but I don’t know about his mother. Harsh says you said his family had problems.

Bhakti says Reyansh is a nice guy. Harsh says you know them, how will we handle their celebrity culture. Bhakti says I knew they would make a good couple. She asks Aradhana if she loves him, and Aradhana replies yes. Aradhana loves him, and he promises to marry him soon. Vivek says he is very happy. He hugs Reyansh. Kadambari smiles. Bhakti prepares everyone.

Reyansh taunts Kadambari. Aradhana and Reyansh get ready. Kya kahun…plays… Aradhana talks to Reyansh. She says wait, I’m getting a call. Revati says Mayank called and asked me to go to the hotel Grand Park and do something. Aradhana says you won’t go, I will go.


Reyansh says Aradhana is not a liar like you. Aradhana goes to meet Mayank. Reyansh follows.

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