Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th July 2023 Written Update

Written episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th July 2023 on

The episode opens with Abhimanyu and Akshara discussing the situation with the principal, explaining Abhir’s difficult family situation. The principal expresses concern for the young boy who has been uprooted from his home, father, and entire identity, causing him emotional distress. Meanwhile, Abhinav spots Abhir and approaches him. The song “Ajnabi se hue kyu pal saare…” plays in the background as Abhir sits grumpily while Abhinav mimics his behavior, trying to lighten the mood. He asks if they can talk and mentions that Ruhi is also present. However, Abhir refuses. In an attempt to cheer him up, Abhinav makes a joke but ends up getting emotional himself. Surprisingly, this makes Abhir laugh and soon they both share a hug amidst the song “Hai kya ye ankahi dastaan…” playing in the background. They continue to bond over jokes and laughter.

Akshara and Abhimanyu glance over to see. “Enough,” Abhir complains, “my stomach is aching, Papa.” Abhinav responds, “I am your father and I want to see you smiling and laughing more often.” Akshara adds, “Abhir has been through a lot, his wound is deep. But with three parents by his side, we will do everything in our power to make him smile and wipe away his tears. We are determined to bring back his happiness.” Agreeing with her, Abhimanyu says, “Absolutely.” Feeling guilty, Abhir asks, “Am I a bad boy?” This saddens Abhinav who comforts him with a hug. In an attempt to cheer him up, Abhir requests, “Can you take me to Kasauli? Being there with both of you will make me even happier.” Understanding the innocence of children, Abhinav explains, “Kids are like butterflies. They will eventually find their own happiness. Just give it some time.” He holds Abhir closer in a warm embrace.

The Peon informs Abhir that he is needed inside. Abhir obediently heads towards the designated location. Abhinav proudly mentions that he was able to make Abhir laugh and then cry again. After receiving permission, Abhir enters the room and takes a seat. The Principal inquires about his favourite subject, to which he responds that he enjoys all subjects equally. She then inquires if he is adjusting well to the new city and school, to which Abhir honestly replies that it has been challenging, but his young heart is resilient and finds joy in little things. This statement moves Abhinav to tears. However, Abhir reassures them that with time, he will adapt and find happiness once again. The Principal acknowledges the difficulty of leaving old friends and memories behind, but praises Abhir for his positive outlook. She warmly welcomes him to Udaipur International School, as Akshara and Abhinav smile on proudly. As the meeting concludes, the Principal hands over a list of books and uniforms for Abhir’s enrollment starting from tomorrow.

I have to buy books and uniform for school tomorrow, Abhimanyu says admission is complete, school is opening tomorrow. I packed jam for you, I got your favorite homemade chocolates, and Abhinav got this gift for you, Akshara says. He leaves with Abhimanyu. Akshara drops the packet and cries. Bin tere…plays… Abhir doesn’t take it, Abhinav asks why, you like these things. Abhir says principal madam told me to change my habits, so I am changing my jam eating habit as well.

At home, Abhimanyu says you’re missing your mum and dad. Abhir says I am fine. Abhimanyu tells a bedtime story. Abhir doesn’t want to hear it anymore, good night. Abhimanyu prays for Abhir. Akshara says Abhir’s first day at school is tomorrow. She talks to Abhinav. He says we know everything about Abhir, it’s Abhir’s turn to be Dadda, don’t come between them, everything will be fine. It’s morning,

Akshara is preparing the meal, while Muskaan reminiscences about the time when Akshara and Abhinav used to rush on Abhir’s first day of school. They would go and drop him, but now, as Manish points out, they are not with him anymore. Manish jokingly remarks that she is cooking for Abhinav and not for him. However, Akshara clarifies that it’s for everyone. Muskaan insists that it’s specially made for Abhinav. Amused, Akshara suggests revealing their theatrics to Suvarna. Nonchalantly, Manish declares that they will prepare their own special dish. This makes Akshara smile, while Manjiri shares her plans of packing her two kids’ tiffins every day. Soon after, she receives a call from Abhimanyu who informs her about his departure from the hospital and asks her to check if Ruhi is ready. She assures him that she will make sure the kids are prepared by the time he arrives. As he hangs up, he muses about making Abhir’s first day at school extra special since it’s just the beginning.


She says I am scared for Abhir because I have seen your world. Abhimanyu asks did I go to court. They argue.


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