Suhaagan 31st July 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 31st July 2023 Written Episode Update on

As the episode begins, Pandit ji tells the fifth round vow, telling you both that you will love your siblings like your own. They take the fifth round. Payal is still running to come there. Bindiya and Krish are still taking rounds. In the car, Payal asks the driver to drop her off at Chiraiyya quickly. She sits down and wipes her face. She asks him to drive fast, and she says that today is my sister’s wedding. Krish himself does not intend to do it.

Pandit ji asks Krish to make her wear mangalsutra. Krish does. Payal calls Nikku, but his phone doesn’t work. Pandit ji tells Krish to fill the bride’s maang with sindoor. Krish remembers Payal’s words and is about to fill Sindoor in Bindiya’s maang. A woman comes out of her car. She gets inside. Krish fills Bindiya’s maang with Sindoor. She shouts Krish… Everyone looks at her.

Upon rising from the mandap, Krish is surprised when Payal hugs him, confusing him and shocking everyone around him. Bindiya is shocked and gets up shocked. She says I love you so much. Baldev, Indu, Dadi and others are shocked. Indu’s friend asks her if she got the wrong number. Bindiya shouts Pallu. As Payal stares at Bindiya, she tells Krish that she loves her sister a lot, saying she will miss you greatly. Bindiya hugs her and cries.

Krish looks upset to Payal, who cries. Indu says if the bharat milap is over, we will make the bidaai rasam. Bindiya and Krish pray to Baldev, Indu, and others. Bindiya throws the rice grain. She asks Payal not to bother Dadi and hugging her. Payal wonders why Krish married Bindiya, and asks Sarpanch ji to take care of Dadi and Payal and forgive her (herself) if she has made any mistakes. Bindiya hugs Dadi and asks her to forgive Payal if she has done anything wrong.

Indu sits in the car with Baldev as Indiya sits with Krish. Baldev asks Indu to sit in the car because bahu is crying. Indu asks if she is crying because of me, and asks if he can see any place in the car. Baldev says we will make the place, and asks Ishwar to come in another car. Bindiya cries in her car, thinking of Payal and Dadi. Baldev asks her not to cry. Indu says she should let her cry.

Dadi asked Payal where she went after the marriage. She asked if anyone hugs their jija like this. As Payal packed her stuff, Dadi asked her to leave tomorrow after Bindiya’s pagphera rasam. She said she would focus on her education and leave now itself. As Payal asks her to think that her bidaai is complete, she leaves the house. Indu does Krish and Bindiya’s aarti.

In order to get inside, Sakshi asks her to kick the kalash. When your bones break, your scream will echoed in Chiraiyya. She recalls putting oil on the floor. Upon kicking the kalash, Bindiya is about to enter, when Baldev stops her and tells Indu that she has forgotten, but not him. Ishwar brings the tokris, while he brings alta thaal.

Indiya steps into the alta thaal and then steps inside keeping her feet in the tokris/basket. Baldev smiles. The ladies tell him he is very excited, and that’s why he is doing all the rasams. As Lakshmi arrived at his house, Baldev said he was happy. He told those who weren’t interested to leave. At the bus stop, Payal thinks that she cannot let Krish go from her life, and she shouts, asking how her plan could fail.


Payal laughs madly and tells Krish that she will not allow this wedding night to proceed. Bindiya slips into Krish’s embrace and says her muh dikhayi is done.


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